Queen Torres Visit; Uganda Students Eat Big as Investors Announce 250 Annual Scholarships During Meeting at First Lady Office

By Viola Nabbale & Wagodo Aggrey

Her Royal Majesty MARIA LEONORA TORRES, Queen of Maharlika and Princess of Calabarzon from Philippines arrived in Uganda yesterday and held her first meeting with Top officials at the Ministry of Education and Sports alongside Asian Investors.

Ms Ketty Lamaro , the Permanent Secretary at Ministry of Education on behalf of the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports Mama Janet Kataaha Museveni chaired the meeting attended by Senior officials at the Ministry.

The President of Heal The Planet Global Organisation – HTP , Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin made remarks about Queen Torres visit and introduced the Delegation.

Bishop Herbert Buyondo, Minister of Development Projects from the Kingdom of Bululi spoke on behalf of the Team before inviting the investors who made a presentation about Jain University form Bangalore, India.

Former Member of Parliament for Lok Sabha, in India Dr Udit Raj National Chairman all India unorganized Workers & Employees Congress (KKC) spoke on behalf of the Delegation.
Dr Udit with Dr Santosh Kumar Chaudhary, Adviser Head of International Relations from Nepal at Jain Deemed University employing 10,000 staff and 90,000 students alongside Mr Vishal Arora , Associate Director International announced 250 scholarships for Uganda Students. The students will apply for scholarships through the Ministry of Education. India has been extending over 5000 scholarships to African students. Other students can apply can study at 50% discount on subsidized rates compared to fees in US and UK.

The investors also offered to partner with Uganda universities to train Ugandan students from here with latest courses like Cyber security, Data analytics and others.

The PS appreciated the investors for the offer and promised to come come up with a Memorandum of Understanding for this arrangement .

The investors offered there proposal and gifts to the Ministry officials.

Jorum Bukirwa, Director country Director for We Care for Humanity joined appreciating Queen Torres for bringing the investors.

The Queen is yet to meet more high ranking officials from Government during her 4 days visit to Uganda.

HICGI News Agency will bring you the latest on Queen Torres visit.

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