Milk prices increase by 50% in Kasese.

Updated by Faith Barbara Namagembe at 2327 Faith Barbara Namagembe on Friday 10th March 2023.

Milk prices in Kasese district, western Uganda have increased by 50 per cent from Shs 2,000 to Shs 3,000 per litre.

The pastoralists in the area say the lack of water and pasture brought about by a hard hitting drought has affected the production levels. Moses Atwiine, who operates a mini dairy outlet along the Kasese-Bwera Taxi stage says the quantity of milk supplied by farmers has reduced drastically in the last two weeks.

He says that he was getting more than 100 litres daily, but this has reduced to 60 litres, leaving some of his daily customers disappointed. Moreover, the situation is made worse by the continued adulteration of milk where farmers reportedly add water and maize flour to increase the quantity of milk. 

“It’s dry as you can see, the production of our cows largely relies on the natural weather, so we expect the production to go down further until the wet season begins,” he noted.

Brian Ampiire, operating a dairy outlet along Kogere road says he has raised the price of milk to Shs 2,500 per litre.

“The prices of milk might raise further because farmers are aware that production is low so they tend to add a shilling or two and this will directly affect the final consumer,” Ampiire noted.

Patrick Kayanja, a pastoralist in Hima says his daily milk production has moved from 20 litres to less than 15 litres each morning and attributes this to a lack of pasture and water. He wants the government to invest in the construction of valley dams in the district.


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