Kampala Mayor Hosts Joyful Iftar Dinner


Lord Mayor Lukwago Erias with his guests Photos by KCCA

As the sun began to set over Kampala on Tuesday, the City Hall was abuzz with excitement and anticipation. The Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, was hosting his annual Iftar Dinner to celebrate the end of another day of fasting for Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan.

Various guests, including the Supreme Mufti of Uganda Shiekh Muhammad Galabuzi, Prince Kalifani Kakungulu and other prominent members of the Muslim community in Kampala, attended the event.

With the aroma of sumptous food wafting through the usually crisp air aroud City Hall’s Mayor’s gardens, the Lord Mayor warmly welcomed all the guests and expresses his gratitude for thier presence. He emphasised the significance of Ramadan as a time of sel-reflection, spiritual growth and giving back to the community.

He acknowlegded the challenges faced by Muslims during the preriod of fasting, but also highlighted the rewards and blessings that come with it.

Ramadan is not just about abstaining from food and drinks duirng the day. It is a time to focus on our inner selves, seek forgiveness and to strengthen our relationship with Allah. It is a time to show compassion and kindness to those in need and to work towards a more peaceful and just world,” H.W Lukwago said.

He went on to express his appreciation for the contributions of the Muslim community to the development of Kampala, adding that their values of unity, peace, and social justice were an inspiration to all.

Addressing the gathering The Supreme Mufti of Uganda praised the Lord Mayor for his hospitality and emphasizing the importance of community engagement during Ramadan.

“Iftar is a time for breaking fast and coming together as a community. It is a time to share our blessings with others, and to show kindness and compassion to all,” Galabuzi said.

He spoke out against the lack of social justice in the country and condemned corruption, calling for the apprehension of culprits.

Kalifani Kakungulu appreciated the efforts of KCCA and the Lord Mayor for organizing the Iftar dinner. He also that people of different faiths are showing support for the Supreme Mufti.

“Ramadan is a time for self-reflection, spiritual growth, and acts of kindness, and it’s important to carry that spirit throughout the year. Let’s all strive to continue doing good deeds and making a positive impact in our communities,” Kakungulu said.

While there are still issues with the state of roads, drainage, streetlights, and waste management in the city, the KCCA Deputy Executive Director David Luyimbazi asked for forgiveness and highlighted the authority’s efforts to improve the state of affairs in the city. He also called for patience and highlighted their efforts to lobby for more funds in Parliament.

As the night progressed, guests were treated to mouth-watering delicacies and captivating performances of Amataali by the Muslim community. The atmosphere was filled with warmth, camaraderie, and a sense of unity and togetherness.

The Lord Mayor’s Iftar Dinner was a fitting tribute to the spirit of Ramadan and a reminder of the importance of interfaith harmony and community engagement in the city of Kampala.

This is the second time the Lord Mayor is hosting this dinner, an event that he said will always be on the annual calendar of KCCA.

Through such events, Kampala continues to showcase its inclusivity and diversity as a city.

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