“We are harassed by alleged Christian Pastors from India, Pakistan and several African countries” Archbishop Leonardo Marin-Saavedra

Leonardo Marin-Saavedra
Primate of IAL.

Dear friend and brother Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin:

Those of us who live in North America, as Christian leaders, have a serious problem and we work on programs, projects, and counseling with the immigrant communities that come to the United States and Canada from many countries on the planet.

We are harassed by alleged Christian pastors from India, Pakistan and several African countries, and others who request money, donations, gifts and some more daring ask us for wealthy girlfriends or boyfriends.

A large majority attach false photos and when they see the faces of those responsible or authors, they look more like scammers or criminals.

I want to ask you for solidarity so that you help us by making campaigns and raising awareness among the people so that those excellent people who work in aid programs or projects, it is better that each one request sponsorship from the organizations in each country or through the embassies that are registered within the area of influence.


I believe that foundations and associations should have government registration, documents or real photographs that prove the veracity of the application.

Most of the Christian organizations that work in pastoral care in Canada, the United States and Mexico are groups without resources and to survive we have a civil job that allows us to live with dignity as happy poor people.

I present my apologies, but my intention is to inform so that together we can build a fair and humane world, and where we do not allow lies or fraud.


Greetings and blessings,

The Most Reverend

  • Leonardo Marin-Saavedra
    Primate of IAL.


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