“We do recognize that the threats posed by climate Change are real and we support measures aimed at Protecting the Environment.” VP Jessica Alupo

By Earnest Kivumbi Benjamin- updated at 1001 on Wednesday 10th May 2023

The Vice President of Uganda Jessica Alupo while representing the President of Uganda at the 10th East African Petroleum Conference and exhibition said that EAC as a region is aware of the global push for energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Currently, there are only thirty-seven (37) international oil & gas companies licensed to carry out petroleum prospecting in the region. In addition to oil & gas prospecting, there are investment opportunities in the mid-stream and downstream sub sectors.

“As the way forward therefore, I would like to emphasize that for the East Africa region and Africa in general, we do recognize that the threats posed by climate change are real and we support measures aimed at protecting the environment.” Alupo said.

The push for energy transition is coming at a time when the EAC region has established significant petroleum that can greatly contribute to the economies of the region.


In the power sub sector, we are developing a regional power master plan that will identify generation and transmission needs to satisfy our electricity demand for the next twenty-five (25) years.

To address this need, the region plans to develop both the local resources and also to interconnect with countries outside East Africa.

The EAC partner states are making major investments in the power sector and creating robust institutional arrangements to avoid the mistakes of the past when we suffered serious power shortfalls.

In addition to the development of mainstream power generation resources, promotion of renewable energy is equally important. We have programmes on wind, solar and sustainable biomass for grid and off grid systems.

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