Prince David Ssimbwa Passes on-RI.P

Gusinze Ayi Sabasajja Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II

RIP Prince David Simbwa-By Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin, Prince David Ssimbwa & his wife in 2011 during Kivumbi’s Cousin Wedding in Entebbe

Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s only surviving uncle, Prince Alexander David Ssimbwa has passed on.
Prince Ssimbwa , 80, has died 3 hours ago at Nakasero Hospital where he had been hospitalised.
Buganda Kingdom Minister of information and cabinet affairs, Mr Denis Walusimbi has confirmed Prince Ssimbwa’s death but said details would be availed in the dues course.

Who is David Ssimbwa?

The deceased has been the younger brother of Sir Edward Mutesa II and one of the few remaining children of the Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa II. Ssekabaka Chwa had 36 off springs and Prince Ssimbwa was the 35th. .
He has for some time clashed with the Mengo administration over the kingdom land, claiming that some of the land under Mengo’s custody originally belonged to Ssekabaka Chwa in his private capacity and be reserved for only his descendants.

The fallen prince was born in Kampala on March 21, 1934. In 1966, he was arrested, imprisoned and tortured by troops loyal to the then president Milton Obote, following the Mengo Palace invasion. He was later sentenced to 64 years in jail for allegedly plotting Obote’s assassination but later released when Amin assumed power in 1971.
In early 1980s, Prince Ssimbwa was among the Buganda royals who passionately supported the liberation war that brought President Museveni to power.

He also served in President Museveni regime as Uganda’s Ambassador to China and has been living in Kabowa, Rubaga division in Kampala since he left his residence in Muyenga a posh city suburb.

According to Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin EX Kampala Central MP Aspirant who has been a personal friend, Ssimbwa has complained before of being ignored by the regime he has once served though a royal. Its not yet clear if the State House has partially covered the deceased hospital bills.

Kivumbi says met Prince Ssimbwa more than 7 years ago through his mother Queen Esther Nasuna Favor who is related to the royal family. Simbwa has once been in India for treatment until this afternoon when he has died.


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