Series 1: There Powerful & The World Knows Them-Unveiling Katikilo Charles Peter Mayiga

President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Today in Partnership with HICGI News Agency I have started series called There Powerful & The World Knows Them in which we shall be profiling smart and hard working men and women and there contribution to societies around the world.

Our first coverage is Buganda  (Katikolo)Premier Charles Mayiga who has raised more than 4 Billion in the last two years to raise Buganda on Top. He is an orator and initially conducted a powerful show on CBS FM every Friday 7:00 pm in which he opened the eyes of Baganda and Ugandans towards becoming more meaningful in the society. He has traveled around Buganda and the world to bring together the people of Buganda. He is indeed powerful and  his presence can be filled even from a distance.

I (Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin) met him recently during the Etofali Project and I shook hands with him and he blessed me for…

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