Hon Kivumbi Addresses Makerere University Students Leaders

Hon Kivumbi Addresses Makerere University Students Leaders.

During the Makerere University Students Leaders Hand Over at the College of Education I noted that leaders must be accountable on every action done while holding power and that the International Criminal Court -ICC is in possession of files on many Heads of State around the world who have committed atrocities and crimes against humanity. “We have seen the ICC prosecuting leaders after 5, 10 years of leaving power, therefore we must be careful.” I Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin pointed out.

I discouraged corruption and also praised Makerere for nurturing leader on African continent since it was established in 1922. I asked students to support my bid for Kampala Central Member of Parliament on Independent Ticket 2016 & also vote His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for Uganda’s Presidency.

Brian Senkungu my young brother a student of Project Planning Management was taking oath alongside side other students leaders as the Prime Minister of the College of Education. He is the President also of that department. The swearing in/ hand over was on 12th Thursday Nov 2015 at the University where I was invited as a Special Guest and given opportunity to address students leaders. http://www.presidentkivumbi.wordpress.com

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