Woman of Class Dinner; They’re Strong & the World Knows Them: Series-3- Dr. Cinthia Hiett.

Dr. Cynthia Hiett (7)
Dr Cinthia Hiett

Woman of Class Conference Dinner night at Bethel Healing Center with Ps Irene Manjer & Dr. Cinthia Hiett

Dr. Cinthia Hiett a few weeks ago was given a diplomatic welcome by Pastor Irene Manjeri of Bethel Healing Center as she moved out of a lemosin and walked on a red carpet to the church auditoriam at Pride Theater Kampala, Uganda. The American preacher and most highly paid doctor from Phoenix Arizona was in the country for a Woman of Class Conference Dinner night at Bethel Healing Center Church in Kitende.

It was just a night of its own with the church well designed in purple and women elegantly dressed in purple.

A number of gospel artists including Twine Herbert, Joseph Ngooma, Jackie Senyonjo and many others graced the joyous night before Dr. Cynthia, 53 spoke to thousands attending the special night. Men like Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin were also invited and present.

Kivumbi Launches President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Campaigns

Kivumbi for Museveni 2016
Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin right with Kololo High school students when President Museveni was Nominated for 2016 Presidential Bid

During the dinner Hon Kivumbi launched DJ Sevo “H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni” 2016 Campaigns with Posters and T. shirts alongside Ps Irene who commended M7 for the peace and freedom of worship.

Watch videos here.




HICGI News Agency has decided to honor Dr. Cynthia Hiett and recognize her trip again to Africa in the series we began-There Strong and the World Knows them-TSWT 3. The flamboyant soft speaking married lady met with EX VP Prof Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya at his home and also visited his late mom at the time she was sick.

Who is Cinthia Hiett?

Dr. Cynthia Hiett (8)
Cinthia Singing

Cinthia Hiett is an accomplished relationship expert, psychotherapist and motivational speaker with over 20 years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her education includes a Masters Degree in Counseling, and she’s partially completed her doctoral work in Human Services in the College of Behavioral Sciences. With a passion for helping men and women understand relationships and gender differences, she is widely recognized as an excellent speaker sharing inspiration and relevant teachings, traveling internationally presenting biblically based seminars and lectures on relationships, gender and other inspirations. As an adjunct professor at Arizona Christian University, she has taught a course entitled Psychology of Religion.

Dr. Cynthia Hiett (6)

Currently hosting “Conversations with Cinthia” on Blog Talk Radio and AM 1360 FaithTalk, Cinthia teaches men and women how to thrive in relationships at home and work, as well as how to truly understand the hardwiring difference’s between men and women.  In the past she has hosted similar radio shows to include, “People Talk” on 960 AM KKNT, KFNX 1100 AM, and “Singles Talk” 960 AM and “Match Know Match” on KXXT 1010 AM. She has been interviewed as an expert clinical practitioner for several TV programs to include The Pat McMahon Show and Sonoran Living.  As a featured vocalist and relationship expert, she has enjoyed being on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. She has also been interviewed by the Arizona Republic for her commentary on the relationships of celebrities and VIP’s.

Cinthia shares her creative side as an accomplished singer and songwriter, and has produced three CDs, as well as being an ordained minister. Her artistic talents also include performing at weddings and serving in the music ministry to local churches as a soloist, keyboardist and worship leader.

With private practice offices in both Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona, Cinthia specializes in adult psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, family relations, image management, and helping each person understand their temperament with a personality inventory, using the Myers Briggs Temperament Inventory.

Cinthia is available for private and corporate coaching, as well as consulting sessions for individuals and groups. She enjoys helping groups resolve conflict and manage the dynamics, allowing them to work together productively.

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  1. Awesome God gifted lady. A visionary, Cary her vision on high land. Also fresh ANIONTED by Holy Sprit. Ofcourse beautiful creation of God.


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