HTP Condemns Turkey’s Downing Of Russia’s Aircraft


HTP Condemns Turkey’s Downing Of Russia’s Aircraft

Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP is disappointed that Turkey has shot down Russia’s Aircraft on the Boarder. Turkey has not considered Moscow’s Role in fighting ISIS and ensuring global peace and stability. Turkey’s action is a sign of ungratefulness and luck of appreciation. We strongly condemn Turkey’s action that we refer to as provocative.

Turkey should know that even if the plane had entered Turkey’s airstrip, it would not be for purposes of declaring war on Turkey. The actions of Turkey’s actions are unjustifiable and this a clear sign that it’s compromising if not supporting rebels distablising Syria.

We call upon Turkey to appologise instead of calling meetings with NATO.

President Obama is wrong in defending Turkey’s actions. The Pentagon is to blame for the rise of Islamic State which is butchering innocent lives around the world. The continuous supply of money, military hard ware and training to rebels is a major un-doubtable factor in IS actions and bringing down a democratic president contravenes America’s message of democratizing the world.

We commend Putin’s sacrifice in ending IS and wiping them off the world map.

We ask the International community to support Russia’s Airstrikes and operations to defeat IS.

Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

President/ Founder

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