The Candle has Melted; How Texas has Impacted me! Special Tribute Also from Pastor Kyazze.

President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Fri 25th Jan 2019
Mubende, Uganda

By Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin
HTP President

On 1st Feb 2013 an elegant young man in a suit parked a Tx Lexus resembling that of “Sevo” in my mother’s compound, he had come with his family at her Birth Day. I saw my sister Zipporah calling him Texas and since then we became tight friends. Visiting each other once in a while. Moses Magala aka Texas has lived it all with a lavish life style yet so generous and loving God.

Tonight 25th Jan 2019, I’ll be sharing much more in a brief speech while we lay down Texas at his ancestral home in Mubende 80 miles West of Ugandan Capital Kampala in honor of my special friend Texas who passed on wednesday.


ome time in December last year i was given security clearance at 10:30pm to acess the Intensive Care Unit ICU…

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