“Israel Must Start Recieving Annual Tithe from Uganda!” Kivumbi

President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Makerere, Uganda

By Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

On Monday 28th Jan 2019, I was accorded invitation to speak in the Global Word Summit which had began 8 days ago.
Dr Kamanda Robert, Senior Pastor Amen Commission Church, Makerere Kikoni, Uganda invited me to close the 8 days Summit that attracted local and international Guests.


intensive worship of 1 hour led by my friend Ps Serubiri Henry and his worship team from Kyengela who acompanied me, I embarked my sermon titled “God Has Called This Nation-Uganda” . Opening in the Book of Prophet Isaiah 18: (KJV & NIV) I gave facts of a Nation “Uganda” dematatively beyond the Boarders of Kushi/ Ethopia, divided by the Rivers, sending Ambassadors..

I stated the Role of Uganda’s Foreign Policy, UPDF Peace Missions in Somalia, South Sudan, DRC, CAR, Special Operations in Ivory Coast, Burundi, Kenya… and how God has used President Museveni to…

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