Uganda to Shut Down from the Rest of the World; A Presidential Decree on Preventing COVID 19.

By our Reporters

Entebbe, Uganda

Ugandan President Yoweri KagutaMuseveni has issued additional decree to prevent East Africa’s only surviving Corona Virus free nation to remain safe.

Museveni moments ago has ordered that No passenger planes be allowed to land in or leave Uganda. Only cargo planes and their crew members will be allowed in the country.

The country in 24 hours from now is also closing its boarders from entry by pedestrians, cyclists any use of public transport both on land and water. He explains “This is until we find a coordination at the East African level. Please stay where you are. We are not against anyone but this is about manageability.”

“Those sneezing should keep away from the public” Museveni adds.

This comes as the world stands still with major powers bowing on there knees due to the Pandemic that began in China.

United States of America has admitted that its facing one of the worst times after registering 200 deaths with close to 20,000 people infected. Several States in America including California, New York and others are on lock down as 75 million people are ordered not to leave homes.

Italy’s death toll from coronavirus has risen by 793 in 24 hours to reach a total of 4,825. The daily increase is the largest since the contagion began and comes two days after the nation overtook China as the worst-hit country for fatalities.

Meanwhile China has not registered any new infection in the last 24 hours and is volunteering to send medics to Italy to help with the worsening situation.

Europe continues to register death with UK Closing businesses and EU countries closing boarders.

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