Tears of joy as Watoto Children Choir Members Recover from Covid 19.

Kampala, Uganda – By E K Benj On 31st March 2020 , Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni announced that Watoto children Choir were among the new cases of COVID 19 patients the country had registered. This news was received in agony across the world from fans who have always enjoyed the music of these youngsters….

Top African King Lauds World Health Organisation in fighting Corona Virus

By E. K Benjamin Kampala, Uganda As United States President Donald J Trump is attacking and shifting blame to United Nations global body on Health for the Corona Virus Pandemic, Buganda King His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has acclaimed World Health Organisation for the efforts taken to combat the spread of the virus. In…

Uganda Govt to give free food to citizens.

The government of Uganda has released a statement indicating that starting this weekend citizens will be getting free food as part of responding to Corona Virus Pandemic effects.

Watoto Children Choir test positive to Corona Virus.

By E K Benj. Kampala, Uganda Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has announced that 11 children belonging to Watoto children Choir who have been under quarantine have tested positive to COVID 19. It’s not yet confirmed from where these beautiful children got infected from but they normally fly to US, Australia, UK and other countries…

How the Coronavirus will Change the World.

By Prof. Waswa Balunywa War II changed the world completely giving leadership to United States as the world’s leading economic power. The Soviet Union emerged to rival the US militarily until it’s collapse in the 1990’s. The United States remained as the only super power. Close to the heels of the US was Japan. By…