M7- Let no one bring any bodies of people that have died of COVID-19 to Uganda.

Kampala, Uganda -By Our Reporters

Ugandans have reacted to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s new directive of not allowing into the country citizens who have died of COVID 19.

In his address last night Museveni said “Whoever dies of COVID-19 outside Uganda should be buried there, you can also choose to cremate them, but let no one bring the bodies here.

Likewise, Ugandans who die as a result of coronavirus, will be buried by the state with proper health precautions and procedure.”

This has sparked outrage on social media in reaction to his orders.

Judith Desire Ashanti What!OMG jajja this is not fair at all atleast let the bodies be brought back we burn them and keep the arshes (EVU)

D’Ghost Lit Mzee point of correction…… open the airport for us to come back home. Yo saying we die on the foreign land wen we have our homeland.

See more comments latter.

In his televised address from State House, Museveni also threatened to import food from outside Uganda if the local suppliers happen to cheat Ugandans.

“I heard that there were some suppliers trying to hoard. I really don’t like selfish people. If i hear that there is not enough maize or beans because of this, I will import. I just get a whisper that the food is not enough, forget about you crooks taking advantage

These billions of money, I will give it to the foreigners. If you want to kill your own brothers why should you get the money? “

Museveni also noted that there is still a problem of people not understanding this disease and how it spreads or how it should be controlled.

“Today I was going to Jinja to look at the float island and people were stopping me. If I stop, I am against the measures. Someone can be infected there. Please, I did not stop today, do not think I am proud these days, I just do not want anyone to get the disease.”

He also said will compensate the owner of the goat whose car knocked on his way from Jinja and added “I am sorry I didn’t stop to greet people on my way to Jinja to avoid big gatherings.”

Museveni also commended doctors doctors and health workers that have been at the front of this COVID-19 fight and said reiterates his position that scientists should be paid better than non-scientists.  “You can see how much trouble they have saved us from this COVID-19 danger.” Museveni added after Uganda registering 38 recovered patients of the 55 cases.

He also warned those who were bribing and getting stickers for their private cars will now have their vehicles confiscated. “You are killing Ugandans by refusing to co-operate. We shall also take you to court.”

Museveni also said that after advice and briefing from the transport team, the government has decided that the Boda Bodas and bicycles can now operate until 5:00pm to help with deliveries to the people. “We insist that these should not operate in the night because they could be used to facilitate criminality, and still they are not allowed to carry passengers but cargo.” He added.

More comments.

Aguta Emma Sir the way u have held that pole is a risk because we can’t trust people these days and I pray it was first sprayed
Please stay home stay safe
I pray for a good health for u most especially at this moment
And I would great if on today’s address u open some of the measures so that people work and maybe limit the time on the works
Thanks and long live

Khasm Mpuuga Kamps I like the way you handle this situation though those implementing the actions are the ones misinterpreting your words.

Pombe Magufuli
 Please tell Uhuru kenyatta, he is still transporting bodies from Wuhan to Kenya

Ruhweza Wilson Also Sir consider God’s servants, Bishops ,Pastors, Church leaders whose churches and worship places have been closed for a month now you never talk about them anywhere in your speeches don’t you think they also need your support in terms of food and any other help like car stickers for then to access hospitals and food markets.

Hosea Simiyu Better you in Kenya the number is swelling every minute especially in Nairobi city. We so scared .All estates have been affected. Kilimani, ngara,kibra,Eastleigh, kileleshwa. Pray for us

Tookemas Leewong Maliko Thanks for the job well done if election is due next week I think you were going unopposed because what u are doing has made the all world silence. I think that is the greatness of having father in the family I wish u all the best God blessed abundantly

Geoff Ogutu Why do i find this statement a little funny? 
M7 is the kinda leader you love and hate in equal measure.
I will relocate to Uganda as soon as Covid-19 is behind us. Let me start scouting around and look for people whom I might befriend in Uganda.
M7 should just head the entire EAC & make Nairobi the headquarters.

Princess Mercies Am in comma after hearing all the good people donating for ugandans to survive but haven’t received anything 

Lukonge Achilees It will come to an end I will be the first one to visit you in Rwakitula… It seems you don’t understand “Power” dictators always find ways how they define power.. your just like modernised version of Adolf Hitler

Gary Felix We will not die back to the sender but if you have a relative outside you couldn’t support it your heartless

MG Glesom : What if the deceased wrote a will, do we have to go against the will and we all get cursed?? All of us Ugandans are confused about this Mr President.

Ram Ramah Mugambe : Muzei my he goat …u knocked my empaya…I need compensation.,.my grandfather who gave it to me is not very happy.

Itaaga Mary  : His Excellency point noted, but our Kyabazinga of Busoga also gave us a contribution towards covid 19 session, so let’s a reminder for those people to fix it in their attendance list

Fredrick Da-international : What of those who haven’t died and are stuck outside there, do we need to wait for them to die ???? Thanks Mr President

BT Matt : Thank you for not using Uganda as an experiment to determine whether Africa needs lockdown or not……like what Magufuli did

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