“It’s a Corrupt Country,” Ingrid breaks down in Tears during Radio talk show with E.K Benj as she marks Deceased Husband’s Wedding Anniversary today; Bery Gernhard Glaser Exclusive.

By our reporter

Watch full Radio Talk show of E K Benj with Ingrid Dilen

HICGI News Agency since its first publication on Bery read (https://hicginewsagency.com/2020/05/16/berys-burial-ambassador-dr-albrecht-conze-speaks-to-hicgi-news-agency-on-germany-uganda-relations-interview-with-ingrid-bernhard-glansers-widow/) has conducted more deeper investigations in  trying to ascertain what’s true or false surrounding mysteries on Bery and we shall be bringing you radio podcasts, interviews and coverage for you to decide on the innocence or guiltiness of Bery over the allegations against him that never ended as his trial collapsed when he dies in Luzila prison on 7th May 2020.

In the lengthy coverage we shall bring you in our next edition being transcribed now by our team from today’s Radio Talk show by E.K Benj with Ingrid Dilen widow of the deceased, Ingrid breaks down in tears expressing disappointment in Uganda’s institutions that she describes as too corrupt. (Stay on alert as Lt. Col Edith Nakalema Head of State House Anti Corruption also  has spoken to HICGI News Agency about her Battle Field against Corruption in our coming publications) In no any other media interview elsewhere Ingrid Dilen has given OUT, she has accepted to talk to HICGI News Agency & Radio emphasizing, “ALL I WANT IS TO CLEAR THE NAME OF MY HUSBAND BECAUSE HE IS INNOCENT” as she marks 33 years in marriage today Friday 22nd May the very day of Bery’s Birth Day who could have turned 72 years.

Let’s go straight to the Talkshow also Captions available for you and permission for download or sharing.

Click here to listen and watch

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  2. Abwooli Sarah says:

    I hope Berry’s name will be cleared that German man had no cases, he died in jail innocently


  3. Streedreams mh says:

    It’s so sad and so heart illing that our own ugandans are such wicked to that extent ,, power and greed corrupted our pipo,, am so disappointed that my own friend berry had to go in such a painful and disgraced manner,, RIP BERRY,,


  4. Kizito Michael Kissmart(Bappott Electrical and Electronics Shop Kalangala) says:

    With deep sincerity I wish to extend my sorries to Ingrid and the family of late Bery Glaser,
    I worked at Bery’s place in Mwena as his Electrician and for all the time of over 5 years that I’ve worked with Bery he has been a generous,social, kind and down to earth person. His death was such loss to the community, to the girls in his care and people like me worked for him.
    The allegations against him are baseless and far fetched because for the time I worked with him, it had ever come to my mind and sight.
    It’s his generosity and Kindness that killed him.
    May your soul Rest In Eternity my friend Bery


  5. Shakirah ghiisha says:

    For sure mi I lived with berry for quite some time and I did not see any thing like all what they are acussing him for. He did all what he could to extend his love to the poor island girls but his connection to Asia who is greedy and speaking for public sympathy made bery end up in prison.may his soul rest in power and I pray to God to strengthen his wife’s ❤️


  6. NAAVA GORRETH says:

    I worked with the late under his supervision for one full year, I was staying at his place and the girls , those girls where brought by the district officers to him after being sexually abused by their relatives (most of them ). I was ready to testify but the gorvenment never gave Berry time to explain about himself . THE MAN WAS INNOCENT .


  7. Abwooli Sarah says:

    Yes l have a right to comment on this issue, every painful am a Ugandan, l lived in masaka for two good years, l personally l recommend you to make a good research especially from the people around that island, Bery was a good man all the allegations are false accusations and on top that it was a mistake to entrust project money to Asia, please let some one visit the page that Asia opened very very bad , asking for money with the bad image of the late this thing should stop we Ugandans we are heading nowhere.


    1. It’s sad that such a generous and peaceful man Berry had such bizarre treatment from some of the very people who benefited from his generosity! I feel for Ingrid and words fail me whenever I read this story, but to you Ingrid, many of us in Uganda really liked Berry and so much appreciate his contribution to our country in ending teenage pregnancies and all especially in Kalangala. whoever framed Berry will pay for his sins at the right time. Kindly take heart.


  8. ruth says:

    I really feel this woman’s pain. Her husband, their money, their love to the girls.


  9. It is so sad that the famous pearl of Africa as Winston Church Hill referred to Uganda, back in the days, has now turned into a corrupt centre and mafia state! Oh, Uganda!! Bery’s predicament and in particular his last hours in custody are a shame to our government and country as a whole, the scenario painted is extremely regrettable, so to say.


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