CID & DPP pinned over Ingrid Dilen personal gadgets.

Ingrid Dilen has been advised by some Ugandans to write to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni through State House Anti-Corruption Unit headed by Lt Col Edith Nakalema regarding her plight. HICGI News Agency will be following developments on this story.


Updated at 19:55 GMT on Tuesday 23rd FEB 2021.

KAMPALA: It’s exactly 2 years today since Ingrid Dilen widow of fallen Germany Philanthropist Berry Bernhard Glaser was arrested by Police in Mwena Kalangala when she jetted in Uganda to visit Berry who was under investigation.  Berry was not there at the time so they decided to arrest Ingrid and held her hostage.

Ingrid Dilen

They let it be known that she would remain in custody until Berry turns himself to the police.  Ingrid spent a couple of days in a police lockup together with some 25 to 30 women.   According to Ingrid, Police took in possession a laptop, camera, external hard drives and other personal items.

Following Berry’s death during trial on 07/May/2020, Moses Kazibwe Kawumu High Court Judge in Masaka on 12th June 2020 abated Criminal proceedings against Berry during criminal session no 90 of 2019, Criminal case No Masaka AA 403/2013 and Criminal Application No 071/2020 Uganda Vs Bernhard Glaser.

Ingrid Dilen from Brussels, Belgium earlier today on phone spoke to HICGI News Agency and shared her plight as she tries to recover personal belongings taken in 2019 from Uganda Government.

Intensifying possible ways, Ingrid sought assistance of the Belgium Embassy in Kampala.

Earlier she had used her lawyer Mr. Lester Kaganzi who multiple times requested Uganda’s Criminal Intelligency Division – CID Headquarters in Kibuli to return the taken items during the ‘illegal’ house search 23 February 2019 by officer Rose Nalubega (HICGI News Agency has seen inventory list record 185307 as well as letters dated October 12th and December 4th 2020 addressed to the Director of Public Prosecutions.) but without any success.

She authorised Quraish Kwesigabo a friend of the deceased as well as Lester to collect the listed items in her absence.

Photo montage: Ingrid Dilen, Berry Bernhardt Glaser & Belgium Ambassador to UG

Ingrid is accusing DPP Ms Rachel Bikhole, “she is playing games and delaying the return of the items, making up excuses and requiring a certified copy of the court order closing the file … This was actually delivered December 4th following weeks of excuses and delays from court clerks and registrars.”

She believes that Bikhole in person is being in possession of her personal Toshiba laptop, and the other items in Kibuli offices.

“The painful thought is the loss of personal memories like pictures and private conversations on my laptop and the 2 external hard disks.” Ingrid breaks in tears.

Berry Bernhard Glaser bedridden as Prison Wardens take him to court weeks before his death in Uganda prison.

She adds “My fear is that most of the items are lost, stolen, given away or sold…and that’s the reason why they keep coming up with excuses. Actually I no longer have the energy or strength to keep fighting Ugandan corruption and the inhuman ways of handling or not handling matters.

But this is exactly what they are counting on, so being a matter of principal and knowing that Berry would have wanted it, I cannot just let go.” She says.

“After 15 months of fighting and now 7 months of grieving 24/7… I would like to be able to find peace and closure…Me not being able to stand with my innocent husband while suffering terrible pains and conditions gives me restless nights and horrible nightmares. Not being able to be at the funeral ceremony is in my mind daily, this is most painful.” Ingrid shares grief.

In an interview with HICGI News Agency, Mr. Kwesigabo agrees that they have done everything they can to assist Ingrid recover her personal belongings. He says has had endless visits at CID and DPP office.  “Someone close to CID Director Grace Akullo tried to connect me with her but in vain. They wanted a letter from DPP and I met the lady there who also demanded a letter from the lawyer.” narrates Kwesigabo. He adds that he brought copies of lawyer’s letters to DDP and presented new ones  which HICGI News Agency has seen but he says the office kept tossing him up and down and so are the games for last one and half year.

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He says that Belgium Embassy wrote to Kibuli in January 2021 but no feedback; “Police says they have been busy. All sorts of intimidation and harassment, I took a dead year at campus while Berry battled with cancer at cancer institute.’ His pursuit he says is not in return of anything but because Berry was a good man and had been falsely accused of misconduct against the girls he took care of.

Belgium Embassy speaks out.

Frederic an official at the Embassy of Belgium in Kampala in response says;

In early January, the Ambassador contacted the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Inspector General of Police.

“Unfortunately, we have not yet received an answer to our questions / requests.”

The official promises to send a reminder and If there is a meeting with the police, we will Ingrid’s predicament.

HICGI News Agency has made multiple contacts to DPP both in email and phone calls regarding the matter but with no response.

Our contact with the Inspector General of Police – IGP Martin Okoth Ochola futile, said “Am in a meeting “

The CID Headquarters also couldn’t pick our calls.

Regarding the welfare of Berry’s island girls, Ingrid says she is struggling to take care of them. The new term is yet to start but resources are very limited.

Ingrid Dilen has been advised by some Ugandans to write to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni through State House Anti-Corruption Unit headed by Lt Col Edith Nakalema regarding her plight. HICGI News Agency will be following developments on this story.



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