Arson or Terror Attack ?Makerere Burning into frames- Police starts investigations.

Kampala Uganda – By E K Benj,

Uganda police is investigating possible terrorist or arsonists attack on Makerere University’s main building – Ivory Tower – which caught fire early hours of Sunday morning.

According to the institution’s social media accounts the universty did not say what exactly caused the fire, but they said the fire brigade is on ground, battling the flames.

A heart breaking post on their social media handles read: “The Police Fire Brigade is trying to put out the fire which has now covered almost half of the roof. It’s a trying moment for us.”

“Everyone is trying their best. The fire is heavy and sprouting from the right side of the Building. The fire flames are heavy coming through right side of the roof which has sunk in. We all need to pray for the Ivory Tower.”

A live video on their Facebook page shows monstrous tongues of fire and thick smoke consuming the building as officials on ground look on helplessly. It is not clear whether anybody was in the building when the fire broke out or whether anybody was hurt. The Police’s fire brigade is doing everything they can to contain any further damage. 

“Efforts to save the left wing of the Building are being defeated by the highly powerful and forceful flames.

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The building with its unique 20th-century British architectural designs is one of the university’s oldest structures, the signature symbol of Uganda’s oldest and biggest university. It was completed in 1941 with funding from the Colonial Development Bourse. 

It houses several offices including the university’s main hall, university printery and vice chancellor’s office. The source of the fire is still unknown but fire brigade trucks are reportedly at the scene trying to stop the fire spreading. The building also holds student records, and the basement is full of archive files spanning the whole history of the institution according to historian Derek Peterson, who says he was intending to organise.

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