Bugoma Forest must not Go.

Welcome to Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP in Special Consultative Status with United Nations-UN.

Today we have no option but to put it to you, for you to decide if you’re to continue consuming sugar of a certain company which is now clearing 9 square miles forest cover to plant sugar canes or stop and do it for our future generation.

We’re calling upon Uganda Government on whose watch 80% of forests cover in Uganda has been destroyed in the last 30 years to pardon this one, Bugoma forest in Bunyoro was surrendered to an investor, 22 square miles of it was sold at 99 years lease by Bunyoro Kingdom which had an obligation to protect the forest also alongside Forest and Environmental bodies in Uganda. We’re calling on US Embassy, British Commission, European Union, Uganda Parliament and President, Politicians including opposition bosses, African Union, United Nations to up come and save this forest.

Let us refund 3 billion UGX the investor paid to…

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