‘Pastor Yiga confessed Salvation on his death bed’-Keisha.

Kampala, Uganda – By Desire Ninsiima

Keisha a woman who has been identified as a key widow by the relatives of fallen city pastor Augustine Yiga also known as “Abizayo” has disclosed the deceased’s last moments. During mass moments ago (4:00pm, Sunday 1st November 2020) attended by politicians, musicians and some pastors including one of the leaders of Born Again Faith Prof Simeon Kayiwa.

Keisha moments ago- Photo by HICGI News Agency.

Keisha has disclosed that a senior city pastor came to the hospital in Nsambya  and led Yiga in a prayer of forgiveness and being Born Again. “Am certain my partner is with Angels in heaven.” Keisha said. She also refuted allegations that Yiga’s death is connected to Kitalya Prison where he had been remanded a few months ago following charges by Government Prosecutor over his remarks on Covid 19. “I would like to clear the tainted name of Kitalya Prison and this is the truth about pastor Yiga’s death” She continued. Keisha said Yiga’s illness started from South Africa he had gone and has been receiving medication and some support from his personal friends including President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s brother Gen Caleb Akandanahwo aka Salim Saleh.

Pastor Andrew Jengo son of the deceased has been cleared to take on the church leadership according to the will read by Yiga’s lawyer.


Burial of Pastor Yiga is happening now next to his Church in Kawala Kampala attended by thousands of mourners.

23 year old Pastor Jengo Andrew handed over spiritual instruments today to take on his deceased father Yiga Abizayo’s Ministry – Photo by E K Benjamin

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