UG Pentecostal Preacher Dr Handel Leslie dies.

Kampala, Uganda – By Viola Nabbale

Apostle John Bunjo has broken news of demise of Uganda Pentecostal Preacher of Abundant Life Church Dr. Handel Leslie moments ago (6:00pm EAT Fri 06th Nov 2020) in a Facebook post. “Leslie will be remembered in Uganda as a man who inspired our papyrus church movement to excellence, I first saw him at Profesor Kayiwa’s church then to prayer palace, he started a church at Sheraton hotel, a man of the word and excellence. We will miss him.” Bunjo’s post.

Sources to HICGI News Agency indicate that Leslie was found alone and dead at his mansion in Lubowa on Entebbe road.

Dr. Handel Leslie is a transformational leader, motivational speaker, educator,inspirational writer and senior minister of Abundant Life Faith Center. His life depicted one of vision, purpose and well-defined focus. Born the 15th February 1959, on the Island of Jamaica. At age 14, he migrated to Canada where he completed his high school education. He grew up with an insatiable quest for knowledge; that quest is that which propelled him to move on the path of the acquisition of greater knowledge so as to become an inspiration to his generation.

Abundant Life Church , Seguku of fallen Pastor Leslie


With a message of hope, inspiration and practical guidance for daily living. His insightful approach to life helped one to discover hidden potential and break the cycle of mediocrity. “Greatness is not an event but a journey” says Dr. Leslie. With a passion to spearhead a revolution of change he continued to spread his message through books, articles, television and radio broadcast Insights for Positive Living.He held a masters degree in counselling and a doctorate in philosophy.


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