Dr Handel Leslie to be Buried next to his Church.

Kampala, Uganda – By . E. K Benj & Heather M Asher

Jamaican, Canadian – Ugandan Preacher Handel Leslie who was found dead at his mansion on 06th Nov 2020 will be laid to rest next to his church this Thursday 19th Nov according to sources from his family.

Leslie who is said to have been battling diabetes changed the image of the Pentecostal movement in Uganda when he started a campaign to end “Biwempe” papyrus structures that represented the Born Again Faith. Abundant Life Faith Centre – ALFC he led started in 1989 on Friday 7th April as a fellowship at the residence of couple known as Bataka at Balintuma rd Mengo, Kampala attended by 12 people.

Dr Handel Leslie – RIP

On Sunday 9th April, 1989, the Ministry Abundant Life Faith Centre , started the first service at the Uganda National Theatre and spent there one month.
Leslie then moved Neeta Cinema currently Labonita (home to Ebonies Film Company) spending 2 weeks and then moved to Speke Hotel.

Faith Kwagala one of the founding members speaking to HICGI News Agency says that the ministry had a short stay at Labonita and then moved to Kampala Club. “It was the Police Officers mess where by the officers wanted to play their games every Sunday. One Sunday morning, we were closed out and Dr. Leslie just directed us to move to the Sheraton Hotel which became a home place for our church for more than a year.”


In 1990, Seguku Hill was identified they started fundraising for the land to build the current church. “It took a very little time to gate the money because people were on fire with the faith our Pastor taught us.
On the 13th January, 1991, we moved to the hill and immediately the foundation was done.” She narrates and was their first Sunday on the hill.

“We had our services in the open air every Sunday and exercised our faith by calling every one with a need to come. With that we learnt to prophecy and whatever we called came to pass.” Kwagala adds.

In August,1992 the church building was finished and named The Women’s Conference Centre.
On the 4th of October,1992 the building was dedicated and it was the 3rd anniversary of the ministry.

Beverly Leslie wife to the fallen preacher and his son Jonathan Leslie jetted in Uganda last week on Friday from United States to make arrangements for the burial.

HICGI News Agency will give you more updates

Also read https://hicginewsagency.com/2020/11/06/ug-pentecostal-preacher-handel-leslie-dies/


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