Stake holders in St. Balikudembe Market resort to Dialogue with Government.

Kampala, Uganda – By E. K Benj.

Following a tense engagement with a team from the Central Government led by Kampala Minister Hon Betty Amongi yesterday (Saturday 14th Nov 2020), local leaders requested for dialogue over Kampala take over by KCCA.

Kampala Minister Hon Betty Amongi addresses St Balikudembe market local leaders as KCCA Boss Dorothy Kisaka looks on during engagement at Nakivubo Blue Primary School- Photos by E. K Benj.

The prolonged engagement took place at Nakivubo Blue Primary School in the capital attended also by Dorothy Kisaka the Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority, Resident City Commissioner-RCC Faridah Mayanja, Police & Intelligence Bosses.

During this meeting the RCC read President Yoweri T Kaguta Museveni’s Directive that followed a cabinet meeting for Government to take over Kampala City Markets.

Dorothy Kisaka

She stressed that the past city administration and ministers concerned had failed to reconcile traders in the market with several attempts not yielding fruits.

She mentioned that Gen Moses Ali tabled a compensation plan during a cabinet meeting of UGX 4.2 Billion to SLOA an association of traders operating in the market for the money they had paid government in trying to own the market.

It was said that the President had been initially mislead on the exact number of traders in the market which had been inflated to 100,000 but upon investigation conducted it projected 15,000 people who are members of SLOA.

The findings also revealed exorbitant fees charged and the President in this Directive wants a single charge annually and that any additional fees be determined by cabinet in consultation with traders.

UGX 140,000 per annum should be the revised fees for Locker owners , UGX 132,000/= for Stalls and UGX 78,000 on pitches.


The President also observed that some people charged the traders more than UGX 750 per unit (standard fee) on electricity ordering that Yaka should be installed to each individual locker owner to enable them pay only for what they consume at this rate.

The Directive requires that everyone be involved in market leadership process to enable all traders have leaders they have voted. This he says would require fresh counting to know the exact number of traders and then be allowed. Meanwhile a transitional leadership committee is to be established to run for 6 months and after elections will take place.

The cabinet further demanded that vendors leave the roads and only those within the market be allowed to operate.

Betty Amongi said they consulted the Attorney General regarding this take over of private markets who gave them ago ahead quoting the Market Act of 1942, KCCA Market Act of 2010 and KCCA Ordnance on Markets Cap 94 supported by other bi-laws.

“No entity shall establish a market except by Local or Urban Authority.”

Basing on this KCCA must give permission and be involved in all Market establishments, Regulation and fees collection determined by the authority.


In this engagement, it was revealed that all members of SLOA be compensated rising concerns by one Joseph Nsubuga Kizito who said in 2005 the current chairman of the market Godfrey Kayongo Nkajja (who happens to be a Presidential advisor on Market Affairs) told them to contribute UGX 1,000,000 each to buy the land of the market. Kizito demands this must be first compensated to all traders.

The minister was challenged to mention who on behalf of the traders met the President recently at Lira State Lodge .

It was resolved in this meeting that government embarks on dialogue with the market traders which KCCA boss agreed to with a kick start tomorrow (Mon 16th Nov 2020) after the team concludes their tour of Kiseka Market.

The Team toured St Balikudembe amidst tight security. View 270 images of Kampala Top leadership Trail of Owino Market. Photo credit by E K Benj.

Meanwhile the team has also visited Nakasero Market today (Sun 15th Nov 2020) and HICGI News Agency will bring you a special coverage.

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