Reform Government now to engage ordinary people or we loose Power.


There are people in Uganda especially in Government and NRM who think they are more intelligent than others; they think all poor people are not of sound mind. They also think people supporting Opposition are hooligans..

Arrogant Government Officials and NRM Leaders must be held accountable for what is happening in Uganda (Hate,Poverty and hopelessness).

People have lost hope, the poor people have resorted to supporting Bobi Wine and other opposition groups as a last resort. We have promised people high-quality health services but it’s not there. We promised them steady progress, we promised that by 2018, Ugandans will be in a middle class, we promised to end absolute poverty by 2018 but we have failed.

Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Instead of reaching out to youth in trading centres and villages to guide them, we are instead describing them as hooligans, we are promising to crash them, we are threatening to shoot them. This is arrogance and pride. Regimes have collapsed because of arrogant Government Officials.

We must wake up and engage the poor people of Uganda especially youth if NRM is to remain in power peacefully.

The author is Luzindana Adam Buyinza
Struggling Small Scale Entrepreneur.

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