Elections should be inclusive and Participatory- UN

We can achieve a peaceful and considerate elections in Uganda. This desired goal should be a priority for all peace loving Ugandans. 

One of the important duty & obligation for Citizens: “The exercise and enjoyment of rights and freedoms is inseparable from the performance of duties and obligations; and, accordingly, it shall be the duty of every citizen— to register for electoral and other lawful purposes. Section XXIX, Article 17 (H) Uganda Constitution, 1995”

Therefore in the course of the 2021 electoral cycle, the United Nations in Uganda, the National Initiative on Civic Education in Uganda, Ministry of ICT & National Guidance, and the Sustainable Development Goals secretariat supports women participation in the election cycle.

As the voting day gets closer, the #Peace1stUganda campaign’s emphasis on citizens is; to check out for their voting details in time via https://www.ec.or.ug/search/bydeatils?s=09 and ensure that their names are in the voter’s register – this will help in exercising their democratic right of casting a vote in a just and a duly affirmed manner as they seek to choose their next leader. Noting that, per Uganda’s constitution, the elected leaders occupy respective offices for a minimum of 5 years after being voted into power.

Ugandan citizens are also required to foster national unity and live in harmony with others whilst promoting democracy and the rule of law.

The acts of violence in the due course of elections are never an option and the authorities will be on the lookout to protect the citizens and apprehend the culprits. Citizens are advised to create a favourable and peaceful atmosphere that will enable every Ugandan to exercise their right to vote, speech and freedom without any form of violence incurred.

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