Culton Scovia and more Ugandan Journalists arrested.

By Heather M Asher

Updated at 1:53 PM GMT on Thursday, 31st December 20

KALANGALA- What began as usual deployment for several Ugandan journalists yesterday to cover presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine for his scheduled campaigns in Kalangala island turned out a nightmare.

Derrick Wandera & Culton Scovia Nakamya arrest.

Daily Monitor’s Derrick Wandera and BBS television’s Culton Scovia Nakamya were among the media fraternity arrested by security agencies. In a tweet, Culton says was arrested for ’posting live updates’ about the campaign.

Culton Scovia Nakamya on duty, the gifted voice fellow earlier worked for NTV as a correspodent before joining BBS.
BBS TV’s Culton Scovia N, Daily Monitor’s Derrick Wandera and Abubaker Lubowa yesterday after being released by the security forces in Kalangala- Courtesy photo.

Speaking to a local radio this morning, Mr Wandera said security agencies arrested and accused him of profiling police officers involved in standoff with politicians during campaigns. He adds that his phone was smashed while they demanded for a memory card for which he says he didn’t have one.

The duo were latter released without charge.

Derrick Wandera’s smashed phone – Courtesy photo.

In an interview with HICGI News Agency, National Unity Platform – NUP’s Spokesman Joel Ssenyonyi and Nakawa West Member of Parliament aspirant says many bloggers and some journalists who were covering the NUP candidate are still in custody of security agencies. Mr Senyonyi added ”We’re not allowed to access them but lawyers are trying their best. They were just arresting every body.”

Bobi Wine & Joel Ssenyonyi – Courtsey photo

Bobi Wine was latter airlifted in a chopper from Kalangala to Kololo airstrip in Kampala waited by police cars that drove him to his home in Magele, Wakiso.

Bobi Wine aboard Uganda People’s Defense Forces – UPDF helicopter yesturday.

The Uganda Editors ’ Bureau in a statement this week said they’re rethinking deploying journalists in intense and fragile zones including some political campaigns.


Veteran journalist and Political Analyst Samuel Kazibwe however says whereas the editors are right, bowing to the opressor will only destroy democracy like it was when all journalists were forced to be mute during Idi Amin era.

CBS’s Dr Sam Kazibwe

Culton Scovia Nakamya an Award Winning Journalist alongside other Ugandan journalists have been subjected to forced fresh registration with Uganda Media Council for permits to operate in Uganda. These permits HICGI News Agency has learnt are U$ 60 for local journalists however Solomon Kaweesa of NTV in a tweet says even after applying he has been denied one.

NTV’s Solomon Kaweesa says UG media council has denied him accreditation.
Culton and other journalists say after January 2021 Uganda Elections, will organise new Uganda Journalist Association – UJA elections eying Vice Presidecy to Abubaker Lubowa who in last elections conceded defeat to Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira (contesting for MP Kawempe North) whose tenure has ended.
In August 2020, Culton and her family survive a nasty accident while she drove for burial of a relative.
Tweet of a woman in Masaka appreciating Culton Scovia with 5000 Uganda shilling note.
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