African Great Innovator who missed Silicon Valley is a Ugandan from Kigezi Planning to Change Uganda’s Face using New Technology Innovations.

Dr Benita Rumanzi – Proprietor Africa Population Institute

The world economy is controlled by US mainly by Silicon Valley and the Wall Street where technology meets finance. Silicon Valley is the US centre for innovative technology and hosting more than 2000 technology companies including the famous media giants like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, eBay, Netflix etc. America colllects genius young innovators across the globe and put them to Silicon Valley for technology innovations and productions.This has given US a competitive advantage over other countries in technlogy and innovations the demand for the world today. Young genius from Africa, Asia and other developing countries are brain washed and taken to the valley to boost American technology.
Innovation goes with financial resources, Wall Street America’s financial hub which is also a global financial centre connected to all financial systems and technologies driving the world economy is also in the USA. Even the two world’s largest stock exchange; NewYork Stock Exchange and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) are all located at the same street. Silicon Valley and the Wall Street innovations are suplemented by global head offices of IMF, World Bank and UN organisations which lead the direction of the social, economical and Political direction of the whole world.


Kigezi is one of sub regions in Uganda known and blessed with genius innovators who have transformed the world in different sectors. Kigezi has had a number of genius people, some still in active service while others have retired.
Famous Banyakigezi like Prof. Charles Kwesiga one of the rare industrial engineers on the African continent has done great innovations in Uganda and USA. He once headed the most prestigious technology organisation in the world, Word Association of Industrial and Technology Research organizations (WAITRO) which has 160 member organisations from 70 countries. Among other geniuses from Kigezi, is Prof. Augustus Niwagaba an African Wealth Creation Expert who have helped many African governments including Uganda in the analysis of fiscal metrics for governments financial performance and analysis of tax policies. Prof. Emmanuel Twesigye from Kambuga, Kanungu is working in the USA and among few greatest African academicians. He is listed among 100 greatest people transforming the world. Twesigye has a PhD in Religion and Ethics and recorded among the genius of the century. Uganda’s Dr Arthur Bikangaga a Vascular Surgery Specialist who wanted to retire when he reached retirement age but US government stopped him because they could not find his replacement. The list of genius Banyakigezi making great innovations is endless. The list will be published in the Kigezi think tank book which is under Research.

A young Ugandan entrepreneur among few African geniuses who would have chosen to join Silicon Valley where he was needed most at his young age for better life , decided to come back to Uganda. After getting a PhD at the age of 32 when his level of education, knowledge, age, innovativeness were very instrumental never lost focus. He never looked at the sweet life in the foreign land by spending his precious time and skills boosting economies of other countries. He chose to come back to Uganda where jobs were less or not available and those few available were not paying well. At the young age from the University when he needed money most, he resigned from a prestigious job where he had been given three billion shilling to implement a project but quitted for his career dream of the centre for innovations and excellence.

Dr. Benita Rumanzi not only wanted to come and work in his country Uganda but also wanted to start an innovation to prove that education which he attained was to engineer him for productions.

Dr Benita Rumanzi

Dr. Benita Rumanzi is son of Fredrick Bushari Bahunde and Evelyne Tibingana Bushari of Muhanga Town Council, Rukiga District. He is Africa’s new hope and a blessing to Kigezi and Uganda. The 18th child of 24 children of Bushari and the first to graduate, promised his father who had lost hope and aging that he will put a smile on his first at his graduation ceremony. Mr. Bushari could not believe it because he was aging with his three wives and money reducing. He listened to Rumanzi promise which sounded like the real dream. But at the age of 73 years, Bushari was climbing the famous prestigious hill of Makerere University dressed like a minister with tears of joy rolling in his eyes going to witness the first graduation ceremony in his home. It was none other than his beloved son Dr. Benita Rumanzi who promised him a degree at the time when he had lost hope. Busharii looked above, no matter how close he was to God and poured blessings to his son Rumanzi . From that day of blessings, Rumanzi never looked back. That historical and memorable day of joy and happiness,opened his bigger and better opportunities.


Bushari from Abinika clan with their sub clan slogan which disturbs many, “Abaziramashereka” was a prominent businessman in Kabale. During 60s and 70s and was famous in Kabale dealing with transportation, hides and skins. Bushari was handsome with enough resources and one the few civilised businessmen during those days in Kabale Town which attracted many friends who included ladies. The gentleman with enough cash and cows, ended up with three beautiful women. He produced Rumanzi the genius from the third wife in 1980 when his money and energy had reduced and was aging. But he still wanted his children to get highest education.
He enrolled Rumanzi at Nyikunama Primary School where he excelled. He went to Bukinda Secondly School and performed well. Bushari told Rumanzi never to let him down like other children. Rumanzi promised him to make it to Makerere university. Rumanzi went to Kigezi College Butobere for his A level education where he completed in 1999. He excelled and was leading in Kabale District with 22 points. Rumanzi started his journey of success in education.

Rumanzi was admitted at Makerere university in 2000 where he graduated with the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Economics and Rural Development). He completed in 2003 and in 2004 he enrolled for a Master’s degree and graduated in 2007 with Masters of Sciences in Population and Reproductive Health (Msc PRH). He performed very well and was retained at Makerere university as the Research Assistant.
Rumanzi realized that the sky was the limit and wanted to reach at the limits of sky in education.
In 2008 enrolled for a PhD at the University of Belford in USA. He completed the PhD in 2012 at the age of 32 years. He graduated with a Doctorate in Education and Administration which changed his life.

While doing master’s degree, he worked briefly as the Research Assistant to Dr. Gedion Rutaremwa at Makerere university who motivated him to go for highest education.
By the time he completed his PhD, he got a job with an NGO in Kampala, National Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda. He wrote a project about Positive Action and won 3 billion Uganda shillings . The big money was so tempting and he wanted it most at the time. He was supposed to lead the implementation team. He remembered that education which he attained was not supposed to make him a dependant but an innovator to create more opportunities to the less plevedged. He left when the money was approved to start the project and went out to chase his career dream. He never got excited about the money at hand to kill his future vision. He left the organization when enthusiastic, determined and ready to face the world.
Rumanzi missed to join fellow geniuses in Silicon Valley because he wanted to start his own technlogical Innovations in his own country Uganda. He believed in himself that he can by God’s grace and his determination. Rumanzi decided to go by his calling at the young age.


Benita Rumanzi did his PhD thesis on Education in Hard to Reach Africa and his vision was driven by Innovations and Excellence.
He started an education Institution and named it Africa Population Institute (API) with the motto ” Centre for Innovations and Excellence a long waited dream of Dr Rumanzi, the African genius. He built the main campus in Kampala and established other campuses in South Sudan and Kenya but all located in hard to reach communities.
The education institute which focuses on capacity building, plans to be turned into a fully fledged university. The Institute awards Diplomas, Certificates and Provides consultancy Services to organisations and communities neighboring his institutions in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan. The services offered are mainly in Business and Technical Education.

Dr. Benita Rumanzi at the age of 40, is planning to change the face of Uganda’s economy through environmental Innovations. He is making a study on best waste management by reducing harzadorous wastes and turning them into useful products. He is in the proccess to build a factory for recycling broken glasses and bottles using advanced technology. The factory will add value and strengthen the economy while creating job opportunities for the youth and technology scholars. He will be using the most advanced technologies in collaborations and partnerships with innovations and technology agencies.

In Kigezi , Rumanzi plans to establish Kiga College Bushari (KCB) in memory of his father Bushari who still lives but in old age. As the psalmist said “what will I offer to my God for the good things he has done to me”. Rumanzi has provided enough to his parents but still want to put up something in memory of his father. The good secondary school will promote education in Rukiga especially to the needy and children from vulnerable families.
He is working on career talent and Education scholarships which are already going on in his two institutions, API and Mama Africa International Primary School.
He is ready and willing to support Rukiga District in infrastructure and rural development.

Dr. Rumanzi learnt at the young age that behind every successful man, there is a strong woman. He is 11 years married to Iridah Koburungi with four children. His wife is a graduate of mathematics and heading Mama Africa International Primary School which is part of his investments. His wife was named Mama Africa and Dr. Rumanzi Tata Africa. The famous Mama Africa and Tata Africa are working closely in managing their education investments.
Rumanzi attributes all his achievements to God’s grace and hardworking.

Robert Tumwesigye
Kigezi Research Desk
+256772509393 /+256700520339


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