UG Youth Coalition for SDGs Members Elect Leaders.

By Prossy A Will – Updated at 2102 at Tuesday 17 June 2021

Kampala- The Uganda Youth Coalition for Sustainable Development -SDGs on Tuesday evening conducted the ever first elections for leadership positions that will run for one year.

The elections followed a 4-minute official campaign address by candidates in the boardroom of the SDG secretariat at the office of the Prime Minister in Kampala.


Michaeal Wangusa, United Nations in Uganda Communications Director conducted the excise alongside officials at the Prime Ministers office.

Results of the election.

Results of the Elections of Executive Committee of the Youth Coalition for SDGs on Tuesday 17th August 2021 at 5 pm at the SDG Secretariat

  1. President

Solomon Odongo, Diacent Group 11 votes
Edwin Muhumuza, Youth Go Green 15 votes (Elected)

  1. Vice President 

Mercy Melody Kayodi, Assure Uganda 15 votes (Elected)
Robert Kigongo, Bukoto Central Youth 11 votes

  1. General Secretary – Head of Projects Sub – committee 

Donald Waruhanga, Jalule 
(Elected unopposed)

 4. Publicity & Partnerships Secretary – Head of Publicity & Partnerships Sub-committee 

Linda Abeja, Amariatek 14 votes (Elected)
Nurudin Businge, Smart Youth Network Initiative 12 votes 
Four (4) Regional Coordinators – North, Eastern, Western, Central  

Immaculate Akello, Generation Engage Network (Elected unopposed)

Francis Maberi, African Monitor (Elected unopposed)

Angus Nasasira, Kugonza Youth Impact Uganda (Elected unopposed)

Marjorie Mukisa, Servir Charity Foundation (Elected unopposed)

View more photos here

Voter Register for the Elections of the Executive Committee of the Youth Coalition for SDGs 17th August 2021

1Aica MediaPatrick Eretu 
2Afro FreshSheila Munooni 
3African MonitorFrancis Maberi 
4AIESECFred Derrick Idoru 
5Amariatek Life CoachingLinda Abeja 
6Assure UgandaMercy Melody Kayodi 
7Bukoto Central Youth LinkRobert Kigongo 
8Creative Youth AgencySpecioza Nakate 
9Environment ShieldRobert John Turyakira 
10Diacente GroupSolomon Odongo 
11Doppler Technologies & JaluleDonald Waruhanga 
12Heal the PlanetBenjamin Earnest Kivumbi 
13Incredible Youth InternationalBrian Ntwatwa 
14Generation Engage NetworkImmaculate Akello 
15Girls MustMaurine Tukahirwa 
16Golden Boots UgandaMuhammed Kisirisa 
17Kugonza Youth ImpactAngus Nasasira 
18My Tree InitiativeIshmael Tamale 
19Servir Charity FoundationMarjorie Mukisa 
20Score BeyondMavita Ali 
21Smart Life Experience InitiativeEric Odoki 
22Smart TransitionsSarah Birungi 
23Smart Youth Network InitiativeDiana Mary Mukanzanira 
24Sustainable Development Solutions NetworkDoreen Gift Bugingo 
25Taka Taka PlasticsClifford Ochan 
26United Nations Association of UgandaDestiny Gladys Chaiga 
27Youth Achievers Forum AfricaEdson Zebosi 
28Youth Against ViolenceNorah Nabunya 
29Youth Go GreenEdwin Muhumuza 

Wangusa congratulated the new Executive Committee of the Youth Coalition for SDGs.

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