British Envoy, KCCA ED Visit Kiswa Health Centre

Updated at 0650 GMT at 09th on September 2021 By Barbra Faith Namagembe & Prossy S Will

KAMPALA – The British High Commissioner to Uganda H.E Kate Airey on Thursday visited Kiswa Health Centre III in Nakawa, Kampala.

Kate was overseeing United Kingdom support to Uganda on COVID19 in action of vaccines her country recently donated administered to patients.

H.E Kate Airey the British High Commissioner to Uganda visited Kiswa Health Centre III with Executive Director, Mrs Dorothy Kisaka interacting with staff & patients on the ongoing COVID 19 vaccination. PHOTOS/COURTESY

Sources to HICGI News Agency, indicate that Teachers are priority for vaccination ahead of Uganda Government plans to re-open schools which have suffered closure following the second wave of the pandemic.

The Executive Director, Dorothy Kiseka last week said there was a campaign of vaccination particularly targeting the teachers. She disclosed that more than 100, 000 were vaccinated calling others to go and be vaccinated. “The vaccines are still available, KCCA healthy centres like City hall, Kisenyi are free for vaccinations to take place and also any other healthy centres near you.” she noted.

H.E Kate Airey revealed that the British Government will donate more vaccines to Uganda next month which will be able to boost the capacity.

Since Monday, vaccination campaigns have been going on and the target is 100,000 doses to be given to Kampala people. This campaign will go on till Saturday across all the static sites and additional outreach sites which will cover about 50% of the covid cases and this will include the market and schools.

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