BMK Leaves Behind a Business Empire on the Continent

By E K Benj Updated at 1802 GMT on Friday 10th September 2021

KAMPALA – Hajji Brahim Muwanga Kibirige, commonly known as BMK, one of the Ugandan wealthiest businessmen has passed on.

Kibirige (67), the owner of BMK Company and Hotel Africana passed on in the wee hours of Friday morning. He is said to have died in a Nairobi hospital where he had been admitted for some time.
BMK Properties
Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in a tweet said “I commiserate with the family of Dr. Hajji Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige (BMK), relatives, business associates, and well-wishers. Dr. Bulaimu will forever be remembered for his indelible contribution towards building a fortune in Uganda & Africa. May his soul rest in eternal peace.”
Godfrey Kirumira, the chairperson of the Kwagalana Group expressed dismay over his demise .

He said a young brother, Haruna Kibirige was on Friday morning preparing to board a plane to Kenya to visit him when he received a phone call informing him about the death.

“I have just talked to his young brother, and he said he was about to board a plane when he got a call from Nairobi informing him about the death,” Kirumira stated.

Ugandan entrepreneur and politician, Mike Mukula has joined several people to eulogize Dr Kibirige.

”We have lost one of the most enterprising people in Uganda. Very humble, jovial, generous,very religious,extremely very understanding, a patriot and a nationalist,” Mr Mukula said on Twitter.

Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige (BMK) was Born 2 October 1953.


In 1997, BMK started with the 40-room motel Hotel Africana, on Kololo Hill, which is within Kampala’s central business district. During the next decade, the hotel grew into a four star establishment.

Business interests

BMK was the chairman and managing director of the BMK Group of companies, whose member businesses include:

1. Hotel Africana Kampala, 2-4 Wampewo Avenue, Kololo Hill, Kampala, Uganda

2. Hotel Africana Moroto, Moroto City, Uganda

3. Hotel Africana Lusaka, Lusaka, Zambia

4. BMK Motorcycles (U) Limited, Nateete, Kampala, Uganda

5. BMK Motorcycles (K) Limited, Nairobi, Kenya

6. BMK Motorcycles (T) Limited, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

7. BMK Motorcycles (R) Limited, Kigali, Rwanda

8. BMK Motorcycles (Z) Limited, Lusaka, Zambia

9. Hotel Africana Forex Bureau 1, 2-4 Wampewo Avenue, Kampala, Uganda

10. Hotel Africana Forex Bureau 2, 16-18 William Street, Kampala, Uganda

11. BMK Construction Leasing Company, Kigali, Rwanda

12. BMK Oil Equipment Company, Kampala, Uganda

Other responsibilities

BMK served in the following public positions:

1. Chairman of the Uganda Hotel Owners Association

2. Board member of the Ugandan North American Association

One Comment Add yours

  1. Ssembatya Faruk says:

    Innalliraahi wa Inna illaihi rajuhuun,
    May Allah bless him with his good deeds and pardon him his short comings .
    He has served as an example in our country and given us as professional to always work hard towards developmental projects or investments so that we can leave a legacy in life.
    Buddu efiridwa nyoooo.


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