Youth Promise Kampala Minister to become Change Agents during Training at Kazzi Camping Site

By Faith Barbara Namagembe – Updated at 0904 EAT on Friday 10th Dec 2021

WAKISO- 200 youth from Kampala have recently had training at Kaazi camping site on the shores of Lake Victoria in Wakiso.

The facilitators of the training took them to various courses including;

Core values of leadership and patriotism, Duties of citizens and constitutional governance, Mindset change, Civil-military interventions, Financial literacy, Personal development, Oil and gas industry opportunities, Regional integration (EAC), Health Living (Uganda AIDS commission, Elementary skills on parenting a month others.

Several Uganda People’s Defense Forces – UPDF officials lectured the youth including Col Ahebwa Nelson, Kamya Richard, Maj Samuel Emoit and others.

Dr Daniel Byamukama represented the Uganda AIDS Commission in this 1 week training.

KCCA Executive Director Ms Dorothy Kisaka was represented by Nakawa Town Clerk Dr Denis Omodi

Col Ahebwa Nelson – Deputy Political Commissar welcomed the youth for the training.


Dr Esau Garukande, Acting Director Gender, Community Service and Production at KCCA invited the youth to take interest in government programs that KCCA is operationalizing like NAADs , accessing contracts at KCCA, mindset change, grunts for urban agriculture and much more.

Chief Trainer Col Ahebwa said, the youth will be trained in the use of the gun and range shooting exercise in future

Ms Eunice Tumwebaze from Kampala Capital City Authority- KCCA, involved in mobilization appreciated partners including Uganda AIDS Commision, Uganda Scout, Office of the President , instructors and Youth leaders at the Youth Council in Kampala. She shared about the role of the youth council and youth programming in the city and how to access government programs aimed at youth development.

Prof Cannon Gideon Byamugisha talked about Health issues, HIV and Youth.

Mr Magom Mubaraka Deputy Commissioner, Patriotism office of the President said the training has created a mass of youth to reach out to fellow youth on transforming other youth. He added that young people get the knowledge they need to transform their homes and community.

Brig Gen Patrick Mwesigye said there 200 youth in Bushenyi who are going to Masaka for similar training.

The Deputy Resident Commissioner in Kampala, Mr Hudhu Hussein said the element of working hard comes with prosperity and can’t come for free.

“We have already told them, poverty is a sin, anyone poor has no place in heaven” he added.

He called upon the youth to engage in physical fitness as per The 1995 Constitution of Uganda Article 17 Clause 2.

Hudhu warned youth to avoid promiscuity.

“Young people take Sex like food- we have to engage them,” he said

Hudhu wondered if youth are patriotic, “do they love the nation, do they love KCCA ?”

He added “You’re not getting to any stage by accident but by planning.”

He urged them to develop character and personality development. “It’s a gradual process.” He emphasized.

“No one is telling you, you’re going to demonstrate and make things happen. Every generation must discover its own mission.” He said.

He called upon the youth to read books like How Europe underdeveloped Africa.

He asked them to be sober, “The NRM government has made mistakes, no government is perfect. Mistakes are part of leadership”

Hudhu said Uganda is the land of freedom, with so much freedom.

Kampala State minister Hon Kabuye Kyofatogabye in his remarks said “We want the youth of FDC to freely work with the youth of NRM and so should be the youth of NUP.

He began his presentation by calling some girls and asked them to pick currency notes . He Equated the current Uganda politics to the currency of UGX , 50k yellow, 20k Red NUP. Saying NRM in yellow remains on top.

He called upon the youth to be responsible, instead of judging others, to judge their attitude.

“Instead of complaining, can you can give me a solution?” He said. “Instead of a victim, become a winner.”

Instead of carrying your own bag, you give it to me. Yet your own children are in London.” Talking about suicide bombers.

“You’re talking about removing a dictator , do you know who is a dictator? No one can sit in your own seat? How many of his people are dead.” The minister attached NUP President Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

“I lost all my family in the Bush war and you ask me ‘Kavawa’? (Where did you come from)

Kyofatogabye quoted a Luganda Proverb “Emiti emito jejigumiza ekibila” but without old tree, there can’t be small trees .

View more photos here

Full Remarks of Hon Kyofatogabye

Uganda has made significant progress in fighting the HIV epidemic over the last 3 decades, Uganda is among the eight (8) countries in the whole world that had fully achieved 90-90-90 targets by the end of 2030. Other countries are Estwatin, Switzerland, Rwanda, Quarter, Bostwana, Splvenia and Malawi.

Every day is always another fight either for success, wealth or something greater. Today we embark on another leadership battle.

A special thanks go to Patriotic Secretariat under the Office of the President of Uganda for this thoughtful camp. I believe a lot of information has been passed on especially in impacting us to love Uganda and Build Uganda promo-BUBU.

I also want to thank the Uganda Scouts Association for supporting the Government of Uganda by availing Kazi camping site Whenever the need arises.

Thank you Uganda Aids Commission (UAC) for spear heading the fight against HIV/AIDS.

And to all Youth Leaders who accepted to take part in this camp am sure all your expectations have been met.

The NRM Government always has its people at heart, we have committed to translating the Economic Growth, Development and registered more jobs. This can be done through the commercialisation of Agriculture, industrialisation, services, information and communication technology (ICT).

The Government has put in place programs that are intended to financially empower its people including the youths. These include:

1. Youth Livelyhood Development 

2. Community Driven Development 

3. Myooga President Initiative 

4. Parish Development Model 

We need more youths yo engage in production and I hop the Parish Development Model can push alot of us towards this. For you to be a leader, it’s a greater advantage for lobbing but also a challenge to service delivery. You don’t need a million bucks to start up something but rather courage, motivation and determination to succeed. Let us promote and support our Government’s programmes in order to provide services to our people

Song – Count Your Blessings 


We should continue and also begin to fight to end the spread of HIV/AIDS, this all begins with us We are all human, let us all believe that we can be our own Ambassadors towards this vice.

To my sisters and daughters,let society not tell you otherwise, you have choice to make. Just take one day at the time, if you feel that somebody is pushing you to a direction you are not comfortable. Stop it before it is too late. It is just less 30min pleasure but the repercussion can be a lifetime discomfort.

Our Government through Uganda Aids Commission has done their best, from sensitisation about HIV/AIDS, awareness creation, to making ARVS ready available. But still we are seeing numbers raising and this is very big concern to us.

According to statistics the HIV prevalence rate dropped to 5.4% from 6.2% in 2016.Uganda’s HIV prevalence rate stands 5.4% that is 1.4 million people living with HIV and 1.28 million people are active on AR treatment. Aids-related deaths have declined over the past decade from 53,000 in 2010 to 22,000 by December 2020 (MOH 2020 data).

In spite of this progress, the HIV and AIDS epidemic remains a major public health threat in Uganda with an estimated 1.4 million people living with HIV and 5,300 of these were children 0-14years.Young women in particular are disproportionately  affected  and this is threatening the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We ask our society to come out strongly so that these numbers can go down. I am asking our religious leaders, our parents, local leaders, police to help us in this ” It takes awhole village to raise up a child” regardless!!!.

We should all stop the stigma, society still points fingers to those found positive but this stigmatisation has caused alot of our people to have early deaths. And I believe if we all fight this and give hope to all the positive people this shall be history through the global 90-90-90 strategy.

We should all commemorate the late Philly Bongole Lutaaya for his bravery and openness in creating awareness towards this deadline Virus, his song of Alone and Frightening is a clear definition of stigma and I do not think anybody would want to be in that situation.

Song – Alone and Frightened 

As we commemorate the WORLD AIDS DAY tomorrow the 1st of December  2021, let us all remember the lives of our beloved ones whom we have lost in this fight against AIDS especially those lost under stigma.

Let us lift up the candle to light up the darkness as we seek for help.We should not run from the darkness but give whoever is hopeless, confused and torn apart ” the candle of hop”, and always remember to do good for others as “A CANDLE LOSSES NOTHING BY LIGHTNING ANOTHER!.

Song – Carry The Candle!

As I conclude I dedicate this song to you all, let this song remind you of the journey ahead and to see things differently.

For God and My Country.

Heal The Planet Global Organisation- HTP President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin was also invited to share address the youth. Kivumbi called for an end to extremist ideas inculcated to youth. “I was shocked, the things we saw on Aljazeera happening in Middle East of suicide bombers invading Uganda recently. Our youth must not be deceived into extremism and terrorism.”

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin- HTP President

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