NRM Youth Leaders Want Government to fund University Graduates

By E K Benj Updated at 0741 EAT on Wednesday 26th January 2021

The youth leaders of NRM have appreciated the NRM government for always availing themselves for the youths over 36years to uplift their well being.

Eyeru Jacob the chairman of the youths informs jounalists that even if there are still challenges facing the youths, the government has done it’s best to come up with different programs that fight poverty among the youths. More especially programs like youth fund, emyooga and also government aided schools.

As the government conducts NRM day celebrations that take place every 26th January, Eyeru requests all the youths to stop having the thoughts of striking every time but instead, They should engage themselves in government programs that fight poverty.

Hasahaya Sovereign, one of the youth leaders in Butalejje district says, They want the government to allocate financial support to fresh youth graduate like it is some countries.

On Tuesday the youth organised a match in Kampala ahead of the celebrations today.


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