Opposition Boss Mathias Mpuuga Leads Mps to Censure Minister Jim Muhwezi

Updated at 1524 EAT on FEB 08th 2022

Gen.Muhwezi Minister of Security

Opposition members of parliament have filed a notice to Censure the Minister of Security, Gen Jim Muhwezi, for allegedly inaction amid the rising number of cases of people being abducted and tortured by state operatives

Addressing journalists at parliament, the Leader of opposition in parliament Mathias Mpuuga who maintained their two weeks protest without attending plenary has accused the minister of abdicating from duty, being incompetent and unfit to be in this office.

The Opposition MPs have resolved to invoke rule 109 of the rules of procedure and article 118 of the constitution to Censure the Minister of Security  because for  over the last one and half years has been receiving complaints from the public.

Hon Mathias Mpuuga the leader of Opposition in Parliament

“I have already lodged the official notice to the clerk, it has been properly received, the speaker and deputy speakers office have also received this notice of censure,” said Hon Mpuuga.

He also adds that “by the end of day tomorrow, we shall issue the documents of censure for members to upend their signatures.”

Mpuuga has meanwhile revealed plans to open registration books in all constituencies to enable Ugandans register cases of human rights violation.

Mpuuga says the public registers will help all affected people to record their complaints so that they can continue demanding for justice to prevail.

He says in constituencies where the registers will not be availed, telephone numbers will be given for people to report.


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