As drought worsens; Millions in Horn of Africa have faced hunger.

WFP says three consecutive failed rainy seasons have decimated crops and forced families from their homes.

Dead livestock belonging to the pastoralist community of Higlo Kebele in Ethiopia
Families are being forced from their homes, leading to increased conflict between communities.

Published by Faith Barbara Namagembe Updated on Tuesday 8th February 2022 at 15020 EAT.

An estimated 13 million people in the Horn of Africa are facing severe hunger, the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP) has said.

Drought conditions have affected pastoral and farmer populations across southern and southeastern Ethiopia, southeastern and northern Kenya and south-central Somalia, with forecasts of below-average rainfall threatening to worsen already dire conditions in the coming months.

“Harvests are ruined, livestock are dying, and hunger is growing as recurrent droughts affect the Horn of Africa,” Michael Dunford, regional director in the WFP Regional Bureau for Eastern Africa, said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The situation requires immediate humanitarian action and consistent support to build the resilience of communities for the future


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