Uganda Cancer Herbalist suspends treatment over threats

By Kafeero Twaha update at 0218 EAT on 8 February 2022

David Ssenfuka, a Ugandan herbalist treating cancer, diabetes and other ailments has announced the suspension of treatment and considering asylum in  other countries due to continued threats against him and his herbal remedy.

Named SD2018 , the herbal remedy has  since gone through animal trials and according to the results , it is not only a remedy for diabetes but also curative.

Government recently gave a green light to Ssenfuka to carry out clinical trials for his herbal remedy after it passed tests on product safety.

President Museveni also recently reached out to Ssenfuka and pledged support to him.

However, addressing journalists at the Makerere Guest House on Monday morning, Ssenfuka said following the announcement that the president has pledged support to his research, he has received several threats that he says have forced him to think otherwise.

Our current state of affairs is worrying as we are being stalked, tapped and waylaid with information passing around of damaging the novelty with all sorts of accusations pointing to its alleged ineffectiveness. All this propaganda, though anticipated to happen, is poised to create a war of conventional drugs as opposed to the healing properties of traditional medicine,”Ssenfuka said.


Ssenfuka told journalists that some of the people behind his woes that he described as mafia are individual medics from the Uganda Cancer Institute whom he accused of “feeling jealousy” over his herbal remedy.

“The president’s intervention into my outcries attracted envy from detractors having envisioned that the drug is bound to make them irrelevant and at the same time my  herbal treatment samples for other remedies submitted to laboratories are being prejudiced.”

“Of late, some medics from the Uganda Cancer Institute have come out with a barrage of veiled attacks against our herbal exploits and have advised the public against fascinating with herbal remedies as their situations are likely not to be salvaged by such unwise directions. This has been coupled with smearing some heroic medics who have lent a hand of professional practice to my  administration of my  herbal drug to willing participants who have approached  to be part of his research study,”Ssenfuka said.

He says the campaign against his herbal remedy is done on the account of his academic limitation and the doubts rendered to traditional medicine.

Ssenfuka explained that the people her termed as mafia have described his remedy as primitive and can’t offer solution to today’s “scientific” challenges.

“What is important for the public to know is that, the nature of events surrounding my innovation in traditional medicine is pitying me against modern scientists thus posing a revolution which is responsible for the crude way my research has been conducted which has attracted condemnation accusing me of   not following conventional research methodologies despite writing to several government officials inviting their indulgence to render that much desired technical support.”

He noted that because of the reluctance to render the coveted support, he has sought all the available means to popularize his discovery.

Ssenfuka says he sees no reason as to why his diabetes and cancer herbal cure has not been recognized for honours as a national achievement as it has always been done in other jurisdictions despite bringing it to the attention of the responsible state players.

“Dr. Johann Peter Frank, a German physician, who discovered the diabetes disease in 1794 was recognized by the Germany government for his discovery and accorded national recognition and honours. Why isn’t the same done for me since scientific studies from the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute revealed that damaged pancreatic tissue of the mice was wonderfully rebuilt upon administration of my  wonder herbal  drug, an achievement that had not yet been evidenced in therapeutics?”


Ssenfuka said he has decided to relocate to another country to ensure he continues with his research that he noted is currently suspended in Uganda.

“All these frustrations have inspired us to seek asylum from other jurisdictions that are attracting us to their countries. Therefore, because of our undesirability to lock horns with conventional medics who are likely later to be constructive players of the advancement of this novelty we are announcing a suspension of cancer treatment in our community research,”Ssenfuka said.

He noted that he is likely to relocate to neighbouring Rwanda, United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia.

However, the man behind the cancer and diabetes herbal remedy says he will only backtrack on this decision when government generates and unveils protocols that will officially oversee human clinical trials that will likely cause approval of his herbal medicines as effective drugs for diabetes and cancer.

“We believe that the public will understand the jeopardy Mr. Ssenfuka’s innovation is already facing and will support and call for campaigns for a quick process of approval,” said his lawyer, Ronald Kiggundu.

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