3 schools closed in Koboko over student clashes.

  • Updated by Faith Barbara Namagembe at 1230 EAT on Monday 4th 2022.
Students of Koboko Public School were sent home

Students of Koboko Public School were sent home

Three secondary schools in Koboko municipality have been closed indefinitely following 12-hour-long clashes among students.Koboko Public secondary school, Koboko Parents secondary school and Nyangilia secondary school were closed following a meeting involving Koboko district LC V chairperson, Ashraf Mambo, municipality officials and security officials.According to police, the clashes started last week on Monday night, going into Tuesday morning when a group of students from Nyangilia SS allegedly attacked their counterparts of Koboko Public SS.

The students of Koboko Public SS fought back and injured one student identified as Noel Aniku, a senior three student of Nyangilia SS who is battling for his life at Koboko General hospital. The situation escalated when students of Nyangilia SS teamed with those of Koboko Parents SS to attack Koboko Public SS students.

The students used bows, arrows and stones in the clash leading to the destruction of school property like fences and window panes. Josephine Angucia, the West Nile region police spokesperson, says that three students are in the custody of Koboko central police station in connection to the clashes.

According to Angucia, the clashes between the students of Nyangilia SS and Koboko Public SS resulted from a long-standing feud. Koboko municipality education officer, Dimba David Kenyi believes it’s time for all the stakeholders, especially parents to step up their roles. 

This is not the first time students in Koboko are clashing. Some of the previous clashes involved the students of St Charles Lwanga College and Koboko Town College, Koboko Parents SS and Koboko Public SS, Nyangilia SS with Koboko Public SS. 


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