Ministry of Agriculture central store in Wandegeya catches fire.

  • Updated by Faith Barbara Namagembe at 1243 EAT on Monday 4th 2022.

Fire yesterday Sunday gutted the agrichemicals and equipment central store of ministry of Agriculture, Animals Industries and Fisheries along Buganda road in Wandegeya in Kampala.  The store shares the same compound with the Uganda Trypanosomiasis Control Council and Uganda Veterinary Board offices. Eyewitnesses say the fire spread from a small heap of garbage that was being burnt behind the storage facility at around 11 am. 

“We saw the fire at the corner behind and we asked the askari to let us enter and pour water but he refused and called 999. The water trucks came a little bit late when the fire had already spread to other parts of the store,” one eyewitness said.  

The facility has been storing different agrochemicals for weed control, animals and even spray pumps that are sent to other parts of the country. One of the firefighters at the site was heard, saying that the facility didn’t have any fire extinguisher or nearby water hydrant that would help in the firefight.  

As such, fire tenders had to move back and forth to collect water to combat the fire. Police firefighters were struggling to contain the fire. They could be seen trying to break the walls of the facility to try and put off the huge flames that could be seen in the store.


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