Bukwo district engineer, road inspector arrested over theft of shs 200m.

  • Updated by Faith Barbara Namagembe at 1304 EAT on Monday 4th 2022.

The acting Bukwo district engineer, George Festo Limo and road inspector, Isaack Mangusho have been arrested over the alleged theft of Shs 200 million under the Road Fund. Police picked up the duo from Bukwo district headquarters where they had barricaded themselves on Sunday evening to evade arrest. 

According to information obtained by our reporter, the arrest of the duo stemmed from a joint petition by sub-county chairpersons to the RDC and LC V chairperson protesting the embezzlement of the said money.  It is alleged that the officials would deposit the money into the sub-county accounts and withdraw it later for no work done.

John Sumbura Sikawa, the LC III chairperson of Kaptererwo sub-county and lead petitioner, says that the money is deposited to the sub-county account and withdrawn very fast before any road work is done. “Our roads are in a bad state, the government sends the money to the district where it’s later sent to the sub-county but these two engineers withdraw the money without doing the work,” he said. 

Nicholas  Emangat, the Bukwo district police commander has confirmed the arrest of the officials, saying they intend to arraign them in court for embezzlement and abuse of office. “We have been looking for them until, on Sunday evening when we got information that they had locked themselves in one of the offices planning to cross to Kenya on Monday morning,” he said. 

Samuel Hashaka Mpimbaza, the Bukwo resident district commissioner, says the rate at which the government resources are being abused by civil servants in Bukwo district is alarming. Julius Chelimo, the Bukwo LC V chairperson, says that corruption has frustrated development in the district.

He noted that early this year, six officials were interdicted over corruption but some have since returned to their offices even before the investigations are completed. The arrest of the two officials immediately comes less than a week after anti-corruption monitors in the same Bukwo district raised concerns over allegedly grossly inflated payments of over Shs 200 million to a local contractor for the supply of items to Kapinyi seed secondary school. On Thursday last week, anti-corruption monitors noted that there was no value for money for the items supplied by Bam Construction and Surveys Ltd Pinyi to Kapinyi SS. Bam Construction’s requisition letter only indicates that it supplied ‘ICT equipment’ at Shs 160 million and ‘laboratory equipment science kits and chemical re-agents’ at Shs 49 millionJoseph Mangusho, a member of the anti-corruption monitors in the district, says that they were shocked to discover that the district paid Shs 160 million to the company for one small CCTV TV camera and universal power supply unit (UPS) and internet connection at Shs 49.8 million.Related Stories


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