French election: Rightwards drift or institutional shift?

Local residents stand on the main square, next to the twelve official posters of presidential candidates.
Residents stand on the main square, next to 12 official posters of presidential candidates, during a visit by French president and La Republique en Marche (LREM) candidate Emmanuel Macron in Spezet, western France [Ludovic MARIN / AFP]

Updated by Faith Barbara Namagembe at 1405 EAT on Wednesday 6 2022.

On April 10, France undergoes the first round of its presidential election. This vote, taking place in the shadow of war in Europe, is shaping up to be a contest between institutionalists and populists. The energy is on the fringes, but with the European Union largely united against Russia, the question going into election day is whether the left of centre will be able to hold its ground. In this episode of The Take, we look at the most popular candidates and what their policies say about France’s political centre of gravity.


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