Behind the scenes: How Roko extra Shs5b were shared, journalists bag Shs75m

Drama ensued at Parliament last Thursday as Parliament chaired by Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa passed the proposal to hand struggling Roko Construction Limited a staggering shs207b to enable it live to see another day.

Within five minutes, Tayebwa had ensured that the ‘Ayes’ have it and, just like that, the sh207b now belonged to Roko in what was described as government preference shares.
But as the Deputy Speaker walked out of the Chambers after a successful mission, a bumper harvest of selected journalists, MPs from both Opposition and ruling party as well as other individuals.
Information reaching our desk indicates that the money heist for journalists who have been working on the promotion of the “good deal” were coordinated by Alex Esaga, a close right-hand confidant of Tayebwa.
No sooner had the deal been sealed that sh75m was allegedly released to hand to selected journalists.

We shall disclose beneficiaries in our next publication.
However, for the fact, it is said TV journalists received sh5m, while those for print got about sh2m. Those for radio and some online ones received sh1m each.
Unverified sources indicate that some Opposition MPs received unspecified amounts that was distributed by Mawokota North MP Hilary Kiyaga, also known as Dr Hilderman.

Critics pointed out how the money for Roko shockingly increased from sh202b to sh207b without any justification.
The truth was to later down on members that the extra sh5b was meant to ‘facilitate’ the process of convincing the House to pass the budget.
Unverified reports also indicate that Leader of Opposition, Mathias Mpuuga could have been in the mission given the way he got out of the House at a critical moment.

External sources contributed to this story

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