UN Association of Uganda moves to engage journalists on Climate and Gender.

By Faith Barbara Namagembe – Updated at 2014 EAT on Wednesday 24th August 2022

A dozen of Ugandan journalists have earlier today convened at Ministers Village Hotel in Ntinda in an engagement on Climate and Gender organized by United Nations Association of Uganda- UNAUganda.

The engagement was under a project supported by UNAFinland with the aim of having the media make a contribution in acceleration of SDGs in Uganda and East Africa.

Speaking to HICGI News Agency , veteran journalist Baguma Richard the Secretary General of UNAU said one of the most important interventions one can make on climate change is information dissemination, community sensitization and creating champions.

Baguma says he is engaging journalists to become champions and ambassadors because their a mirror to the society.

Addressing the Press UNAU Programs Manager Linda Asaba noted that famine and hunger happening in Uganda is attributed to climate change . She demanded for action since developing countries like Uganda are more affected by climate change .

Destiny Chaiga in charge of Multi Media at UNAU called for people to carry along refillable water bottles instead of buying plastic watered bottles as part of protecting the environment . She mentioned that many vegetables consumed are grown in high toxic waste from factories threatening the health of the people and so is the food consumed in the city being prepared in plastic bags.

Environmental journalist Tenywa Gerald in exclusive interview with HICGI News Agency demanded that developed countries must cut down on emissions and also send more support to developing countries to mitigate on climate change effects. He emphasized that the money is not coming on the ground support the communities.

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Heal The Planet Global Organisation President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin and CEO of HICGI News Agency called upon journalists to come together and front projects that can attract funding instead of only promoting other people’s work and building politicians who never appreciate.

Another journalist on anonymity said the U$ 100 million pledged annually by big nations in recent global summits was only a political statement which has never been implemented.

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