Your American dreams will have to wait as you may not get a visa appointment till 2024!

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If you have been waiting to explore all your favorite sites and attractions in America, it seems like you’ll have to wait a bit more longer as there’s little scope that you’ll get a visitor visa appointment anytime sooner than 2024! Yes, you read that right. As per US visa office, Indians will have to wait until 2024 to book an appointment.

As per the US Department of State’s official travel website, the waiting time for a visitor visa appointment at several US Embassies around the world is more than 500 days. At the US consulate in New Delhi , India is 597 calendar days, and for a student visa, it is 465 days. The wait time for non-immigrant visas shows 196 calendar days.

In Several East African countries , you may have to wait till next year in May.

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