Mt. Elgon Landslides: Families To Get 17M To Relocate

Last Updated at 10:20 EAT on 02nd February 2023 by HICGI

By Our Reporter

The Government of Uganda has earmarked a compensation package of shs.17 million, to relocate people settled in landslide prone areas in the Elgon region. The affected Families are expected to use that money to relocate to areas of their choice.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, following up on the Cabinet directive, met with members of Parliament, and local government leaders from Elgon Sub region, to schedule the relocation exercise.

Nabbanja emphasized that vacating landslide prone areas will be voluntary. The process will start with those willing to accept compensation of the 17 million per household.

Leaders in the respective districts in the Elgon Sub region have been urged to sensitize the affected persons to relocate, as a matter of urgency.

However, Families that will reject the compensation amount and deadline, will be forcefully evicted.

Uganda has lost scores of people in the recent past due to land slides in the Elgon sub region.

Government has been relocating affected persons to areas of Kiryandogo and Bulambuli districts.

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