Radio Manager Detained For Assaulting Female Journalist

Last Updated on 02nd Feb 2023 at 08:40 by HICGI News Agency

Anita Tumuramye the assaulted Journalists

By Brenda Namugenyi

Police in Kigezi has arrested Nelson Twinamatsiko 51yrs, the Manager of 91.5 FM Kanungu Radio for assaulting a female radio presenter Anita Tumuramye.

It is reported that trouble started when Tumuramye asked the manager to payout her commission of UGX 40,000 from a business she had brought to the station. The manager ignored her request and ordered her to vacate the office premises. What followed was Twinamatsiko beating his subordinate and female Journalist Anita Tumuramye. Blood seen at the floor of the office premises. This happened on 26th January 2023.

Twinamatsiko Assaulting Tumuramye

Tumuramye was suspended from duty with immediate effect.

Elly Maate the Kigezi subregion police spokesperson, said police intervened after Tumuramye reported on 27th January, visited the scene of crime, Interviewed witnesses and later summoned Twinamatsiko.

When he reported to police on Wednesday, he was detained.

Maate says the file has been forwarded to the resident state attorney for scrutiny pending production before court.

This is a developing Story…

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