Senior Citizen Hassan Basajjabalaba Contributions to Uganda’s Economy.

In our special series “Senior Citizens” we bring you Hassan Basajjabalaba a businessman and politician. According to the some  newspapers, he is one of the wealthiest people in Uganda.

He is also the chairperson of the ruling National Resistance Movement’s entrepreneurs’ league.

He owns the following businesses, among others:

Kampala International University, with campuses in Kampala and Bushenyi

Kampala International University School of Health Sciences, together with its teaching hospital with bed capacity of 1,150.

At least two hostels outside, but near the Western Campus of KIU.

A business that deals in hides and skins

A tea factory at Butare in Kyamuhunga, Bushenyi District

A tea factory at Nyakashaka in Buhweju District

A sizable chunk of land around the Bushenyi tea factory

A large piece of land around the Buhweju tea factory.

Hassan Basajjabalaba is the CEO of five companies in Uganda that includes; Haba Group, Victoria International Trading Company, Sheila Investments, Yudaya International Limited, and the First Merchant International Trading Company Limited.

Basajjabalaba also heads Kampala City Abattoir Traders Development Association. 

At one time Butchers under this association demanded that Basajjabalaba quits the position having headed the association for 12 years which gave him a monopoly over the business in 2011 but their efforts went in vain. 


In early 2020, Basajjabalaba was ordered to refund over 142bn shillings that were compensated to him by the government for losing city markets that include; Owino, Nakasero and Shauliyako markets plus the Constitutional Square. 

This followed the cancellation of the contract to run, manage and redevelop Kampala city markets. However, it was revealed that the contract was illegally entered minus the Attorney Generals consent.

The judges also ruled that the then Kampala City governing body, the Kampala City Council (KCC) wrongly tampered with the Constitutional Square which is a resting space for the public.

Basajjabalaba was dragged to court by Legal Brains Trust Uganda together with his five companies that include; Haba Group, Victoria International Trading Company, Sheila Investments, Yudaya International Limited and the First Merchants International Trading Company.  

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