American Philanthropist moved by struggling Health Care in Western Uganda.

By Earnest Kivumbi Benjamin- Updated at 1558 EAT on 08th May 2023

Sean Bardoo , United States Philanthropist and We Care for humanity Ambassador (Led by Her Royal Highness MARIA LEONORA TORRESQueen of Maharlika and Princess of Calabarzon from Philippines ) has expressed concern over the struggling health care system in Western Uganda. This was during his recent 4 day visit to Uganda where he visited three places including ; St May’s primary school Namasuba, Kasese district, and Palisa respectively.

His interest was on identifying the gaps in different institutions which were visited and find ways of how to come in as a humanitarian.

Ambassador Sean started his visit at ST. Mary Primary School , Namasuba which is under WCH, carrying out humanitarian work with 300 pupils. Sean gave out playing kits to the pupils and appreciated Joram Bukima the WCH Country Director who works with Alituha Edward as directors of St. Mary’s school-Nyamasuba for extending education services to the under privileged.


 At FHMC a specialized hospital located in Kasese municipality, a partner of WCH, offering health care services to the people of Kasese municipality and beyond, Sean expressed concern over struggling health care. The facility carries out various tests, where many CBC tests are transferred to other big facilities for final tests which takes much time. It also does patient referrals to other facilities with a staff number of 14, full time 5 and part time 9. The facility handles complications referred from other government hospitals due to lack of specialists in the government hospital.

It’s headed by Dr. Julius K. Kabbali and Dr. Lugard Masereka the proprietor and Dr. Kapuru Asinja the hospital specialist.

Sean’s visit was to assess the needs and gaps at the health centre and found the following challenges;

  1. A gap in the laboratory, missing the following medical equipment; 
  2. Modern radiology (Ultrasound scan, x-ray machines)
  3. Cardiology diagnostics (ECHO, ECG)
  4. Rapid response medical unit
  5. Tumor machines
  6. Limited admission and treatment room space
  7. Cancer cases are on high rise as result of water pollution from cobalt and Copper mines
  8. Unfiltered water causing water borne diseases
  9. Tuberculosis cases are on the rise as result of lack of health education

Ambassador Sean Bardoo highlighted on the upcoming TB project that he will be part of the amendment of TB at the United Nations in New York in May 2023 and urged FHMC to embrace and be part of the project.

“The health centre should be helped by fundraising the appropriate medical equipment.” Sean said.

Ambassador at Family Health Medical Centre


The Office of the Town Clerk wrote an invitation to invite Ambassador Sean Bardoo, his enabled him move to the health centers that are under the control of the Kasese Municipal Council and to seek endorsement for the upcoming Tuberculosis project under pilot.

The municipality has approximately 100,000 people. This population is served by only one health centre at level of HCIV. River Nyamwamba flows through the municipality which destroyed the Kilembe mines hospital on flooding HICGI News Agency has learnt that the municipality has over time done partnerships with different organizations implementing government programs.

The people continue facing flooding of river Nyamwamba which has a bad impact on health; displaced many people, all resulting into high increased health related conditions which the municipality cannot handle.

The municipality lacks stable health facilities, with only one health centre at level of HCIV, serving a large population of over 100,000. It also lacks safe and clean water as a result of pollution by factories and heavy metals from the mines.

Sources to HICGI News Agency say that; A team of specialized doctors is to come to Uganda to handle complicated cases and a tuberculosis project will soon be piloted in the district.

Ambassador with the town clerk of Kasese municipality


The facility is located in the municipality, serving over 100,000 people from three constituencies.

It has a Maternity ward which was burnt by electricity with two delivery beds in labor room. The situation doesn’t favor mothers who we found on the floor. 8 babies are born per day on average at this facility with no stand by ambulance. Bodabodas and public means are used to transport patients.

Diabetic cases are managed at the centre but there is no clinic.

Ambassador Sean B visit to Rukoki HCIV


The hospital was founded by the kilembe copper mines company in 1957 under the mines leadership of the Canadians.

Ambassador Sean B with the staff of Kilembe mines hospital


Amb Sean also visited Girl Emposwerment Foundation- GEF found in Kilembe that was started by Mr. Robert Maate, to empower teenage mothers with up skilling development especially in tailoring. The foundation is for girl empowerment especially young mothers and school dropouts.

Kasese Municipality Mayor Richard Bomera urged for continuous support in implementation of projects.

Ambassador Sean B with the teenage mothers and the mayor of Bulembia Division, Mr. Richard Bomera


With the help of the Goodwill ambassador Sean Bardoo from United States and others, they have managed to raise funds and tons of donations from various organizations and stakeholders in several countries in Africa and other countries.

Goodwill Ambassador Sean Bardoo said they are doing this to bring hope and to better the lives of the people.

Ambassador Sean holds a Juris Doctorate in Law and a master’s degree in organizational leadership and Policy.


Those who want to donate can contact the team via email at or For more information on this project.

We Care for Humanity president and founder, Queen Maria Leonora Torres and ambassador Sean have encouraged Ugandans to study under the recently awarded Jain University scholarships.

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