OPINION- U.S. Deceptive Policy on Africa Is Bound to Fail

By Jong Il Hyon– International affairs analyst

The U.S. high-ranking politicians’ recent frequent visits to Africa are drawing the attention of the international community.

The visits by the high-ranking politicians of the U.S. administration such as vice-president, secretary of State and secretary of Treasury numbered nearly 20 times this year alone, which proves that the Biden administration has made overall reevaluation of the geopolitical value of Africa and has put the new African strategy into the full-scale working stage.

The world people are watching with astonishment and doubt the moves of the Biden administration, quite contrary to the Trump administration which insulted Africa with indecent words.

Essence of New African Strategy

In August last year, the U.S. announced a new African strategy calling for further strengthening cooperation with the African countries in the fields of democracy, security, economy and so on for the next five years, enumerating the geopolitical importance of Africa such as rapid population growth, rich natural resources and influence in the UN arena.

The high-ranking politicians of the White House who recently visited Africa as if to prove the authenticity of the new strategy spouted a string of gorgeous words and made various kinds of promises of cooperation as if they would make a great contribution to defusing the economic crisis and ensuring security and social development in African countries.

However, from a close look at the words and actions they have taken on the spots, one can easily see what the new U.S. African strategy is aiming at.

The secretary of Treasury, the first U.S. official who flew to the region this year, stressed the need to impose a cap on the prices of Russian gas and oil while blaming food crisis on the continent on Russia wherever he went. And in Zambia, he tried to shift the responsibility for the debt crisis of the region to China, saying that China’s “positive cooperation” is necessary to solve the external debt problem in the country.

The secretary of State who visited Niger also incited the anti-Russian atmosphere by pulling up Russia over its military activities in the West African region, and the vice-president, who visited Ghana and Zambia, which were experiencing the worst debt crisis in Africa, gave a wide publicity to the “transparent aid” from the United States and the “danger” of the Chinese investment.

After all, the utterances of the high-ranking officials of the U.S. administration remind one of the statement in the new African strategy published by the U.S. last year to the effect that Russia and China are creating instability and challenging the international order to meet their interests in Africa.

All facts prove that the new African strategy of the U.S. is never for the African countries but to contain and hold hegemony over China and Russia which are exercising increasing influences in the region and thus to provide a springboard for realizing its world strategy.

Independence is irresistible trend of times

The ever-increasing high-handed and arbitrary practices by the U.S. seeking hegemony in Africa have touched off ever-increasing denunciation and rebuff by the countries in the region.

South Africa, the chair country of BRICS, this year, commenting on the U.S. concerns over the naval joint military exercises his country planned to stage together with China and Russia in the waters off its country in January, officially clarified its stand during the U.S. Treasury Secretary’s visit to the country that the exercises are natural and independent activities for the development of the relations with China and Russia. South Africa staged the joint military exercises in the February 17-27 period as scheduled and is making positive efforts for the successful host of the BRICS summit slated for in August this year despite the issuance of the warrant of arrest for President Putin by the International Criminal Court.

A member of the parliament of Ghana, concerning the U.S. vice-president’s demanding the Ghanaian government ensure the rights to homosexuals, asserted that “the human rights record of the U.S. vice-president and his country is stunning and there is nothing for Ghanaians to learn from it”.

The leader of the Social Party of Zambia said that what the U.S. seeks in Africa is its geo-political and economic interests, not democracy and human rights. It’s for them, not for us.

The independent stand of the African countries rejecting high-handed and arbitrary practices of a specified big power and aspiring after the establishment of just international order is clearly evidenced by their efforts to solve all issues to suit to their specific situations and to meet their own interests.

At the 36th ordinary session of the assembly of heads of state and government of the African Union held in Addis Ababa in February this year the chairman of the Union Committee appraised the achievements made in the work of defusing civil wars and political instability in Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya last year, in compliance with the principle of “solution of African issues by Africans”, and called on the UN Security Council to set right the present international order of excluding Africa.

The situation proves that the U.S. high-handed and arbitrary practices based on hegemony do not work on the African continent.

The French newspaper Le Monde in an article titled “The end of domination over Africa, switchover to independent Africa” analyzed the recent situation in Africa and concluded that a new era is coming to the continent by the vigorous struggle of the regional countries under the slogan of “Africa by Africans”.

The more desperate efforts the U.S. makes to maintain the outdated international order, the more glaringly it will expose its poor plight, and its moves to seize African countries will face failure thanks to the growing desire and awareness of the regional countries for independence.

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